Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Does Crossfit help with my triathlon training?

Someone asked me that in a comment the last time I posted.

I'm thinking, yes and no.

Yes, because it's motivating. It replaces strength training for me, and the competitive aspect of it makes me want to show up and work hard.

But no, because it's definitely not sport-specific, and I do believe in sport-specific training for triathlon.

So speaking of triathlon, it's about that time for me to make plans for next year.

But I'm pretty happy without plans. Plus, I can't stand the site of my bicycles. Isn't that terrible? I have no desire whatsoever to bike! Even on a gorgeous day, I just don't want to!

And of course I don't want to swim, so I'm not doing that either. Plus I worry about the effects of chlorine on my pink hair, and it's way too cold to swim outside now.

So, I run. I'm happy running. I don't really feel like racing, though. This weekend I think I'll take the kids to do a 1K run with Santa and his elves - that should be good fun, but I don't want to actually race the 5K adults' run myself.

I guess this is normal; I've had three years of being totally focused on racing and training. It feels so nice to not have to do anything. It's not that I don't love the exercise anymore; I definitely do. I just don't want to put triathlon training high up on my priority list right now, because when it gets moved up there, so many other things drop way down.

So, I'm blogging less, though I'm thinking about being a more general blogger and not writing about exercise all the time. I do have my Disney blog, but that's more about the family. Often I have stuff to write about that isn't about either.

And perhaps in January I'll pick out a race to target. But I know this: I do not plan on working on speed or moving up in the age group rankings for any given race. When I race next summer - and I am sure I will race some - it will be purely for fun. Maybe I'll be last in every race I target. Who knows. I just know right now, I need a break.