Sunday, January 27, 2008

Running on empty is still running

I didn't quite make my five-days-a-week this week; Thursday I ran outside for an hour (in 25 degree weather again, yum) and lifted. Fortunately the lifting is getting easier.

Friday was super-fun: it was a cold day, but sunny, and I ran at noon. The sun makes me happy. I forgot though that running in 30 degree weather in sun is dramatically different from 30 degrees in darkness! So I had to shed some layers, but that only contributed to happiness anyway. Warmth is good this time of year.

I wanted to work out yesterday, but family took priority. We took the kids to "Baby Loves Disco," and I wanted to dance but it was too crowded - too many little kids to trip over. But Camille liked it; Gabriel was too cool, of course.

Then last night, I sort of worked out - we went out dancing, and danced for nearly four hours! So much fun. I really want to wear my heart rate monitor some time and see how many calories I burn from dancing. But that's so dorky I don't think even I could do it for real.

The thing is, Danielle and I were planning to run today. Since the club closed at 2, I figured I'd be home by 2:20 at the latest. But we went with friends, and we drove, and they didn't want to stay out quite as late, so we gave them our car and got a ride with another friend. But that got us home at more like 3:20...and then I stayed up until 4.

I was meeting Danielle at 9, and unfortunately when I know I have to get up on too little sleep, I sleep even worse. So I dozed on and off until about 7:30, when I just gave up and got out of bed.

Maybe this was lucky: today it's really icy out. Danielle and I had to run slower than we usually do; I actually slipped and did some sort of baseball slide on the sidewalk before I realized how slippery it was. I bruised my knee, hip, elbow, and wrist...but fortunately, it's just bruises and after I walked for a minute, I could run again.

We ran for a little more than an hour, and it felt just fine. But when I got home....whoa. I felt horrible!

So now it's past noon, I'm back in my pajamas and bathrobe, and I'm considering not getting dressed today at all. My legs are sore and tired!

It's a great day to play board games and Rock Band with the kids, anyway. :-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why did I want to start this up again?

Ow I lifted weights today!

I did last Wednesday, too, and I thought today would be easier. Nope. It's hard!

I was doing that Crossfit class until mid-December, but since then - so a month - I haven't done any sort of weight lifting. And it's amazing how quickly you lose it! I needed to go down in all weights, and I'm sure to be sore tomorrow.

However, I do know why I wanted to start this up again. I feel better when I feel stronger. I just have to remember that when I feel...less strong.

Although, how about this for resolve! It was 24 degrees this morning, and I got my behind out of bed and went to the gym and ran OUTSIDE with Nancy. Woo-hoo!

It was cold, but not so bad - I wore my SkirtSports ToughGirl running skirt/pants, a tank top, a warm running shirt, a light jacket, two pairs of gloves, a headband, and a hat. Overall, my face was a little cold, but the rest of me was pretty much just fine. So 24 degrees = many layers.

In other news, I ran for 75 minutes on Sunday and felt fabulous. It was a fairly slow pace - I hurt my big toe wearing cute heels, and I can feel the bruise when I run - but I loved that I could just go out and do it and feel totally normal. That reminds me that even slow, I'm a runner.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm back

So it's been so long since I blogged that I couldn't remember my password.

I guess this is how most bloggers probably end: you mean to blog the next day, and the next, but you get busy, and you can't think of anything to say, so you sort of drift away.

Well, I've worked out for four days in a row now! That's more than anytime since I was training for the Ironman!

And I have to say, it feels good. I've been sleepy and tired too much lately, and as much as my weight is normal, I haven't felt strong and athletic. Then yesterday I spent a little time with a co-worker who wants to do his first half-Ironman, and I remembered that training is fun! Plus, on Wednesday I had dinner with the running girls, and two of them said they might do one of the Pacific Crest it's time. I'm back, and I'm blogging.

I'm not 100% sure yet what goals I'm going to set; one of them is likely going to be "never exercise or train more than 10 hours a week in 2008." I want to keep the volume and commitment low; I just started a new job and I'm excited about that, and I want to continue to focus on the kids and hubby. We've been having a blast together as a family (four family members form a perfect Rock Band - game for the Xbox 360, in case you're unfamiliar) - and I think John and I are finding a balance between going out and partying and staying home and partying with the kids. It's working.

And I'm happy. Not every minute of every day, but definitely more happy than unhappy. I don't think I could really ask for more than that!