Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Fun

Today I did manage to get up in time to get to the club at 5; I swam, then did indoor cycling, then ran outside with a woman from cycling class. Pretty fun. Danielle ran a crazy class - all speed, above 100 rpm, which is the hardest part for me (in class I definitely prefer simulated hills!). So it was good.

Here are today's data:

Meal: Pre-workout
Food: Banana and milk in coffee
Cals: 110
Carb: 22
Fat: 3
Protein: 3

Meal: Breakfast
Food: Ham and cheese on english muffin, milk in coffee, apple with peanut butter
Cals: 425
Carb: 54
Fat: 15
Protein: 22

Meal: Lunch
Food: Salad with shrimp
Cals: 200
Carb: 10
Fat: 4
Protein: 21

Meal: Snack
Food: 1/2 of a ice cream sandwich
Cals: 120
Carb: 17
Fat: 5
Protein: 2

Total so far:
Cals: 855, Carb: 103, Fat: 27, Protein: 48

Swim 30 minutes
Indoor cycling 1 hour
Run 30 minutes
Calories burned: 1050

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Better today

My hamstrings and glutes (and to some degree, my quads) are still sore, but I was able to get up and run. As I expected, when I started running and warmed up, I did feel better. We ran six miles, one hour, three hills. Then I swam.

Today's data:

Meal: Pre-workout
Food: Banana and milk in coffee
Cals: 100
Carb: 15
Fat: 2
Protein: 1

Meal: Breakfast
Food: Banana bread, ham, cheese, milk in coffee
Cals: 445
Carb: 47
Fat: 20
Protein: 15

Meal: Lunch
Food: Salad with tuna
Cals: 275
Carb: 20
Fat: 4
Protein: 30

Meal: Snack
Food: Clif Nectar bar
Cals: 160
Carb: 27
Fat: 6
Protein: 4

Totals so far today:
Cals: 980; Carb: 109; Fat: 32; Protein: 50

Chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies at a restaurant, plus brownie and ice cream (Camille's birthday)

No calorie total

Run 1 hour
Swim 30 minutes
Calories burned: 675
Circuit training, 1 hour
Calories burned: 425
Total calories burned: 1100

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Red spiders and sore glutes

Oh my goodness, I have no idea what I did yesterday but my glutes and hamstrings are way sore. Wow. I didn't feel like swimming, so I didn't get up at 4:25, but I planned to get up at 5 to go to indoor cycling. Then Camille woke up and she was crying because apparently a red spider came out of her bed (bad dream), but she wanted me and she's so cute and cuddly that it just seemed much more fun than indoor cycling on sore glutes and hamstrings. So I cuddled my little baby and when she told me to stay in bed and not go to cycling, who was I to argue?

Plus, last night after dinner Gabriel and I went for a short bike ride, and apparently Camille cried that mommy left. Of course, John didn't tell me this until I was trying to get out of bed, so the guilt trip combined with the soreness combined with the little 3-year-old in my bed...and duh. No workout.

Which is fine. I think I can make up the time from today (I was supposed to swim half an hour and bike one hour) later in the week. And if not, it's about recovery, and soreness does not equal recovery.

Plus, it continues my challenge to eat properly. I was successful again yesterday! And I was embarrassed earlier this week to write down my weight...Monday morning it was 145 point something. This morning it was 142.0 - very nice. This tells me I can drop a few more fairly easily, and gives me the motivation to do it.

One more thought: Yesterday in circuit training, this woman asked me if I was happy with my body. She is very thin - probably a size 2 or at the most, 4 - and runs, and lift weights, and is strong. And is obsessed with being "skinny," which apparently in her mind she's not. So I answered no, of course not, because I don't think any woman ever is. But I told her that the thing that makes it okay for me to be not perfect is twofold: One, many of the things I don't like about myself aren't going to change with all the diet and exercise in the world, and two, I make up for my chubby areas by pushing my body to do more. I may never be the hottest chick in the room, but I'm often the strongest or the one who can run or bike the longest, etc. So I'm never going to be a competitive athlete or a beauty queen - so what? Compare me to the rest of the t-ball moms from Gabriel's team: I'm one of two who aren't obese, and I'm quite certain I'm the most athletic. For that matter, I'm probably more athletic than most of the dads. So there.

It's really easy to see all the flaws in the mirror. It's really hard to see how unimportant they are. I'm working on that.

So anyway, keeping me honest, here's today's data:

Meal: Breakfast
Food: English muffin, ham, cheese, milk in coffee
Cals: 265
Carbs: 33
Fat: 7
Protein: 18

Meal: Lunch
Food: 12 oz vegetable beef barley soup, turkey breast
Cals: 345 cals
Carbs: 21
Fat: 10
Protein: 38

Meal: Snack
Food: Granola bar and yogurt
Cals: 230
Carbs: 40
Fat: 3.5
Protein: 9

Total so far:
Cals: 840; Carbs: 94; Fat: 20.5; Protein: 65

The rest of the day:
A pork burrito for dinner, with a small brownie and ice cream when folks came over for a meeting. Not fabulous, but not a binge, at least.

Total calories - I'd estimate 1600 to 1800, Carbs around 200 for the day, fat about 45 for the day, protein about 90 for the day. Not horrible.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One recovery day down, six to go

I did it! Yesterday I ate within my appropriate calorie range, all day! I didn't binge at home at night and I don't have to start fresh today - today I'm on day two! Yay!

And I'm back to working out, though this time I'm keeping my HR in the zone 2 range - I need to do true recovery and not worry about burning calories (I do need to worry about eating fewer and the right ones, though).

My run this morning was surprisingly hard - I had a slight stomachache the whole time. We ran just 65 minutes or so and skipped the biggest hills. But that's fine for a recovery week.

So, anyway, back on the wagon. Let's see how long I can keep this up.

Today's data:


Meal: Pre-workout
Food: Banana and milk in coffee
Cals: 110
Carb: 22
Fat: 3
Protein: 2

Meal: Breakfast
Food: Ham, cheese, english muffin, milk in coffee
Cals: 265
Carb: 33
Fat: 7
Protein: 18

Meal: Snack
Food: Apple and peanut butter
Cals: 150
Carb: 18
Fat: 8
Protein: 4

Meal: Lunch
Food: Salad with tuna
Cals: 300
Carb: 20
Fat: 4
Protein: 28

Meal: Snacks
Food: Yogurt and string cheese, 100 calorie cookie packet
Cals: 270
Carb: 38
Fat: 6
Protein: 18

Total so far:
Cals: 1095; Carb: 121; Fat: 28; Protein: 70

Food: Turkey breast, carrots
Cals: 400
Carb: 20
Fat: 8
Protein: 35

Food: Skinny cow ice cream sandwich
Cals: 140
Carb: 15
Fat: 3
Protein: 2

Total today: Cals: 1635; Carb: 156; Fat: 39; Protein: 107

Run 1 hour
Swim 30 minutes
Calories burned: 650
Circuit training, 1 hour
Calories burned: 375
Total calories burned: 1025

Monday, April 24, 2006

Not feeling bad!

I was surprised to wake up around 6 a.m. happy and not particularly sore. My quads have muscle pain, and going up or down stairs kind of hurts my knees, and my neck and back feel tired, but in general I feel better than I expected. I did skip this morning's workout - this is now a recovery week and I want to recover, since I really didn't last time I was on a recovery week.

So I'm going to take it easy and focus on proper nutrition. With the last week of family in town, major exercise, and birthday parties, I think I was eating way too much. It's time to buckle down and apply the same discipline to my eating as I do to my exercise.

Today's data:

Meal: Breakfast
Food: Ham, cheese, milk in coffee, apple, peanut butter
Cals: 305
Carb: 29
Fat: 14
Pro: 18

Meal: Lunch
Food: Turkey, carrots, broccoli, cranberry sauce, two bites of stuffing
Cals: 400
Carb: 35
Fat: 8
Pro: 28

Meal: Snack
Food: Pretzels with cheese
Cals: 150
Carb: 16
Fat: 8
Pro: 3

Total so far:
Cals: 855, Carb: 80, Fat: 30, Protein: 49

Meal: Dinner
Food: Croccantini, pork chop, green beans, potato
Cals: 600 cals
Carb: 60
Fat: 6
Pro: 30

Total for the day:

Cals: 1455, Carbs: 140, Fat: 36, Protein: 79

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My first century!

Today was my first time trying to ride 100 miles in a day. We did the Daffodil Century, starting in Orting, WA. I did the ride with Danielle and one of her clients, who is pretty hard-core. The goal was to pretty much pound it out - go hard for the entire 100.

It dawned a gorgeous day - clear and sunny. It was cold in the morning, so I wore my long underwear under bike shorts, and a jacket over a sleeveless jersey. No booties, warmer gloves. It was pretty perfect for the first 50. The course was two 50-mile loops beginning and ending in downtown Orting, so I had a chance to remove the jacket and long underwear after the first half. I also changed into my lighter gloves.

There was a decent hill around mile 10, then a really big one just before 20. The rest was fairly rolling for the first half. I got a flat at the second rest stop, at mile 34, but we were able to change the tube quickly and be on our way.

It was definitely hard work keeping up with Danielle and Whitney - I know they could have ridden faster if they weren't with me.

I truly felt ready to be done at 50 miles, but of course I would never have stopped. We pushed on. At mile 59 there was a HUGE hill - the biggest yet, and steepest, and mostly in the sun. It felt good to finish that one. Then the rest of this loop was pretty fun - a rest stop at mile 71 and another at 83. I kind of bonked at mile 85 or so - I needed to have a GU, and that picked me back up.

There was an amazing, long downhill where we just flew - I hit almost 38 mph, and that was on the brakes - then we had to suffer through a super-steep uphill at mile 92. Not a fair place for a huge hill! Just as I thought I couldn't go any further (Danielle was ahead; Whitney was behind), Whitney called up that she needed to stop. Danielle motioned over to a side road, so I thought we were going to stop over there off the hill - but it turned out that the side road was the way to go! We had passed four other riders on the way there, too, and they never caught back up with us.

We had rollers for a few more miles, then met up with the main drag in to Orting. I was in the lead, and for some reason, maybe the way the wind was, maybe the adrenaline of knowing I was done soon, I was able to make one final push and keep it at 20 or 21 mph. That felt amazing.

So, I learned a bunch of things:

-- My skin is not as dark as I think it is. I need to wear sunscreen.
-- My knees get sore when I keep myself in the big chainring up hills. I should work on higher cadence, lower resistance.
-- Drafting really is worthwhile. I practiced some, but I also wanted to ride on my own since you can't draft in a triathlon.
-- I'm a good hill climber!
-- I need to have my seat up higher. I'm not getting as much power as I could.
-- I need to eat more, and more frequently. Bonking is not good.
-- Powerbars and GU are my friends. So are oranges and bananas.
-- Wearing pink is a great way to attract male attention. Why are they so dumb? Have they never seen a woman on a bicycle before?
-- I can do a century. I even think I could run afterwards. Who knows...maybe I could do an Ironman. I know I certainly have even more respect for those that have done it now!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Where am I?

I have family visiting this week, so I'm allegedly on vacation...if the definition of vacation includes big workouts every morning beginning at 5 a.m. (as usual), going in to work from 8 until 10 or so, then toting four children and my mother all over town (only two of the children are mine, but all are driving me batty).

So I'm definitely on track on my exercise and definitely struggling with eating, as usual. But it's not so bad. More next week...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A joyful ride

Today's ride was just great. I wasn't sure of the total distance before we started, but guessed it was between 50 and 60 miles. Turned out it was 58 - exactly the distance on my half-Ironman - and the rain held off on the first half of the ride, which is very hilly and has lots of turns and is on the road with cars (mostly), and then DUMPED on us for the second half on what I had called the "flat and fast" part. It wasn't fast - the wind was very strong while it was raining - and my goal was to keep it above 17 mph. I did it, with difficulty - but Matthew couldn't keep up, which made me feel accomplished. I wore him out!

I had one incident that I wasn't sure how to handle. Two runners were taking up most of the trail, but mostly on the left (going the same direction as I was, so they should have been on the right). I didn't want to bother them since there was so much room on the right, so I didn't yell "on your left" or anything. When I was very close, they started moving quickly to the right - where I was! So I swerved off the trail onto (wet) grass, and actually managed to keep most of my speed and ride on the grass for a few minutes, avoiding danger to the runners and to myself, then I resumed riding on the trail. I realize now I should have yelled "on your left, move right" to them or something, but I didn't think of it at the time. But I'm happy that I didn't hit them or fall off my bike.

One other thing I'm really happy about: I ate A LOT more today on the bike than I usually do, and I think it made a huge difference. Except for the last 17 miles, I ate about every 30 to 45 minutes. I think on the half-Iron, I'll do what I did today, except in the last 17 miles I'll switch from bars to GU, which I know I can tolerate on a run. I was definitely very hungry and about to bonk when I reached my car at the end of the ride.

Let's see if I can reconstruct today's eating:

Breakfast: Bagel and low-fat cream cheese, banana and peanut butter: 450 cals
On the ride: 1 PowerBar "trail mix" bar, 210 cals; two other Power Bars, 460 cals
Lunch: Subway sandwich, 350 cals, cookie, 140 cals
When I got home: Slice of pizza, 300 cals (John was eating it, it looked yummy)
total so far: 1900 calories

Bike, 4 hours and 15 minutes
2000 calories burned

Friday, April 14, 2006

Nothing to say

But I'm meal tracking (so far). I want a donut.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Yogurt, 110 cals (I had coffee, but they forgot to put my milk in it so it has no calories)
Workout fuel: Uh, I forgot to eat :-( Not smart
Breakfast: English muffin, ham, cheese, milk in coffee: 265 cals
Lunch: 1/2 chicken sandwich from Panera Bread (yum), low-fat chicken noodle soup: 475 cals

Run 1 hour (30 before cycling, 30 after)
Indoor cycling 1 hour
1000 calories burned

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Did I really wake up and do this?

Last night, we didn't even get home until 10:25 - and though I did go right to bed, I was sure I wouldn't be able to get up. Then when my alarm went off, John wanted to cuddle, which felt wonderful, but after about two minutes I extricated myself to go get ready. But I didn't really want to. It took me longer than usual to dress, brush my teeth, get in the car, etc.

The first part of my run, outside with Nancy and our new running buddy Alex, was fun, though I was certain that I wouldn't be able to do my 5K and certainly not faster than before. So I sort of procrastinated in changing clothing and getting on the treadmill...but eventually I did. I started out at 7.3, then I pushed it to 7.4 after the first 2K (after the first hill on the profile), then 7.5 after the second hill. And I did it! 25:04, not bad!

Still have to beat my all-time best of 24:40, but I think I can do that. Maybe next week. Here are my times so far this training season:

Mar. 9 - 26:34
Mar. 16 - 25:48
Mar. 23 - 25:17
Apr. 13 - 25:04

Wow, just realized I'm 90 seconds faster than the first time I did it. That's fairly significant for a short distance - about 30 seconds per mile!

So then I was able to lift weights and not tweak any muscles in a weird way. In fact, oddly, I feel looser and better than usual.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: 1/2 Lara bar, coffee with milk, 115 cals
Workout fuel: 1 GU, 100 cals
Breakfast: Bagel, ham, cheese, coffee with milk, pear: 500 cals
Lunch: Low-fat vegetarian minestrone soup, 120 cals
The rest of lunch: Yogurt and granola, 290 cals
Um, beer during a meeting: 150 cals
total so far: 1275 calories
And beer ruins a day. Dinner was reasonable - chicken breast, green beans, rice, but then I had two cookies totalling 350 cals. I'm not adding everything up for the day, can't deal with my fat self right now. Tomorrow will be better. I hope.

Run outside, 65 minutes
5K fun run, 25 minutes
Lift weights, 45 minutes
Calories burned: 1100

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Feeling strong

Felt good today, despite going to bed a little late last night. For my run, I did intervals: and I had a very interesting learning.

I did a 5-minute warmup at 6.6 and flat on the treadmill, then every two minutes until 20 I increased my speed by .1. My heart rate didn't really spike until 7.0 (and not that high - low 160s). Then for the next 10 minutes, I put the speed back to 6.6 and increased the grade every minute. By about 4 minutes in, my heart rate was in the 170s. I was able to complete the set, but what I found interesting was that the added speed didn't have the effect on my heart rate that the added grade did - and I don't recover as well from grade as speed.

Compared to biking, my heart rate does the same thing: when I'm climbing on the bike, it rises faster than when I'm speeding. However: While running, I prefer speed, and while biking, I prefer grade to high cadence.

All that speaks to the fact that I think I chose the correct half-Ironman course: it's a hilly bike course and a flat run - exactly what I'll like, I think.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Yogurt, milk in coffee: 140 cals
Workout fuel: Gu, 100 cals
Breakfast: Bagel, ham, cheese, milk in coffee: 445 cals
Lunch: Yogurt with granola, 3 oz chicken: 510 cals
Because I'm bad: Candy, 60 cals
Dinner: Passover Seder, too many random foods in small amounts, but it wasn't too bad, I don't think

Swim 40 minutes
Indoor cycling 60 minutes
Run 30 minutes
Total calories burned: 1000

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No time to write...

But at least I'm meal-tracking. Panera Bread is WAY TOO GOOD.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Mini-Clif bar, coffee with milk: 130 cals
Workout fuel: GU, 100 cals
Breakfast: Banana bread, ham, cheese, coffee with milk: 545 cals
Lunch: Sandwich from Panera Bread, 720 cals, apple, 60 cals
Snack: Cheese and turkey, 110 cals
Dinner: Pizza, 1000 cals
Total consumed: 2665 calories

Run 70 minutes
Lift weights and abdominals, 45 minutes
Bike 60 minutes
Total calories burned: 1200

Puts me even or better for the day, despite all the pizza I cared to eat :-)

Monday, April 10, 2006

If you ever want to lose the rest of it...

Ha! I told everyone I was fat, and yesterday I got proof of it.

John was working on some guy's car, and I walked by, said hello, then left. After I left, the guy apparently told John his wife was attractive and he was a lucky man. So John told him the story of my weight-loss. When I returned later on, the guy was still there. He comes over to me and says, "Can I ask you a personal question?" Wanting to be polite, I said sure. He asked me how many sizes I lost, and I said I went from an 18 to a 6. He said that was amazing, congratulations, blah blah blah. But then: "If you ever want to lose the rest of it..."


He proceeded to tell me about some spa in California where you get daily colonics and eat only raw food - "it really cleans you out" - but I was only half-listening because I had to run upstairs to my bathroom to puke. Okay, not really. But I did have to run to the bathroom to look in the mirror and see what I looked like - did I look particularly fat? I was dressed a little weirdly for me - jeans with a long-sleeve technical shirt I usually only wear for running outside in cold weather (but I had planned to bike with Gabriel, so I was half-dressed for it). Anyway, I didn't look particularly big, I thought, but boy did my flaws just pop out of the mirror yesterday. More so than usual.

Anyway, it made me rededicate myself to a hard workout today. I did a 40 minute swim, 60 on the bike, then 30 on the treadmill. Yay.

Today's data:
Pre-workout: Banana and milk in coffee, 110 cals
Workout fuel: 1 GU, 100 cals
Breakfast: English muffin, ham, cheese, milk in coffee: 265 cals (prob should eat more)
Snack: Yogurt, 110 cals
Lunch: 8 oz chicken noodle soup (100), small salad with chicken (200), 1/2 piece bread (50), "fruit snack" thing (45), 395 cals
Snack: Clif "Nectar" bar: 170 cals
Another snack: Turkey and cheese: 120 cals
total so far: 1270 calories
I'm not confessing to the rest. Suffice to say I did my usual - I ate a healthy dinner, but munched on anything in sight. :-(

Swim 40 minutes
Indoor cycling 1 hour
Run 30 minutes
Calories burned: 1000

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cycling 101

I took a class today about riding my bike in a group (paceline) and basic road riding skills. It was in Seattle, so I rode there - the long way. :-) Not all the way from home, because I had planned to ride back alone, but from the Microsoft campus in Issaquah. I figured it would give me 30 miles each way (20 miles on a bike trail, 10 on a road with a good bike lane), and I was right on target.

Matthew rode with me there and we averaged 17 mph, which is pretty good considering what I did yesterday. I got there exactly on time, so I was happy about that, and it only rained a few drops. On the way home, though, it decided to pour. Fortunately my friend Wendy (who I think I met in the Pro Club locker room, ha ha) was in the class too and felt like riding. Originally she planned to ride halfway back with me, then turn around and head back to her car. But then because of the rain and because neither of us had major time pressure today, we decided she would ride with me all the way back to Issaquah, then I would drive her back to Seattle. So that was nice - I had company the whole way back, which really does feel safer. But we got WET - I have never ridden in such rain before! My "waterproof" jacket soaked through. Oh well. That's what you get when you live here! We averaged 14 mph on the way back, but I was pretty happy with that, too.

Let's see, what did I eat today? A whole lot. Fortunately there's not much to snack on in the house, so I was fairly good. No cookies. :-)

Breakfast: Bagel and cream cheese: 300 cals
Snack: Some new clif bar (nuts and pretzels or something? Pretty yummy): 220 cals
First half of lunch: Turkey and cheese on 1/2 bagel: 250 cals
On the road: GU, 100 cals
Second half of lunch: Turkey and cheese on 1/2 bagel: 250 cals, coffee with half-half: 40 cals
Another lunch when I got home from Seattle: Leftover chinese food, 500 cals; M&Ms, 100 cals
More food because I was hungry: Cheese and crackers, 130 cals; peach, 70 cals
total so far: 1960 calories

Bike 60 miles plus 7 in class: 2400 calories

Total calories burned for the day: 3500 calories (I need to say this, because I'm likely to eat dinner too, and I just have to point out that I've been burning calories outside of the time I was riding/wearing a HR monitor)

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Gambler's Run

Big good workout today! Hard, too. 30 minute swim followed by all-out indoor cycling followed by the Gambler's Run. Here's how it works:

Warm up at a slow jog for 3 minutes - I initially picked 6.0 on the treadmill as my jog speed
With a standard deck of cards, shuffled with two jokers, choose a card every minute for 54 minutes. They mean:
Numbers 2-10: Increase grade by .5 (so 2 is .5, 10 is 4.5)
Joker: Increase speed by .5
Jack: Increase speed by 1.0
Queen: Increase speed by 1.5
King: Increase speed by 2.0

Aces reset everything - grade and speed. The kicker, of course, is that if you're running at 6.0, and you get a 7, you have to start running at 6.0 with a 3% grade. Then if your next card is a King, you increase to 8.0 - but you don't lose the grade!!!

So it was WAY hard, and halfway through I had to drop the base speed to 5.5 so that a King was a 7.5 instead of an 8. My heart rate was in the 170s to 180s the entire time - it was WORK!

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Banana and coffee with milk: 110 cals
Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese, 400 cals
Um, I'm finishing this on Saturday, and I forgot the rest. :-(

Swim 30 minutes
Indoor cycling 60 minutes
Run 60 minutes
Total calories burned: 1250

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Must Rest and Recover

Okay, this morning I just could not get out of bed. My knee hurts and I'm tired and cranky. I think it's because I didn't take much of a recovery last week, and I should have.

So I bagged on my run and weight lifting, and I don't think I'm going to make it up later. I might not exercise tomorrow if I don't feel a whole lot better. We'll see.

I'm also going to rededicate myself to a good diet. It's not right that I can have discipline around exercising but not eating - what is wrong with me?

So I'm going to properly meal-track and only eat the right things and stick to 1400 to 1600 calories per day.

So here's today:

Breakfast: Ham and cheese, yogurt and granola (from home), 2% milk in coffee: 450 calories
Snack: Luna bar, 180 cals
Lunch: Thai chicken and vegetables (no rice), 400 calories
total so far: 1030 calories
Um...okay....chinese food for dinner, then eating the wrong things after dinner (chocolate is my downfall).

Oh well, try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Where am I?

Ugh. Off track as far as food, I can't bear the thought of meal tracking. I need some motivation.

I'm on track for exercise, which sort of makes it worse - why can I be so good at only one part of something so important???

Tomorrow I'm going to try harder.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Half-Iron Swim - no problem!

Today's Data:

Pre-workout: Larabar and milk in coffee, 150 cals
Breakfast: Granola and cottage cheese, ham and cheese, milk in coffee: 405 cals
Snack: Grapes and string cheese, 120 cals
Lunch: Turkey and broccoli, 200 cals, piece of candy, 40 cals
Snack #1: Creamsicle! 110 cals
Snack: Yogurt and grapes, 170 cals
Total so far: 1095

Swim 1 hour
Run 45 minutes
Calories burned: 800

I will catch up on the weekend, really - it was just so busy.

In general: I ate a lot, but probably okay.

Exercise: 35-mile ride in the rain Saturday morning; 24 mile ride in the sun Sunday afternoon.

More later, maybe.