Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back to the gym

I almost forgot my locker combination after not being at the gym for a week! I decided not to swim, because the pool is too full between 7 and 8, when I would have swum. So I lifted weights and plan to swim tomorrow...but we'll see.

I'm getting really nervous. My first triathlon of the season is Saturday - the Issaquah triathlon. I don' t know why I'm nervous - the race really isn't that important to me, in the big scheme of things - but I am. I'm worried that it will be too cold and I'm worried that I'll leave my helmet on during the run and I'm worried that I'll be so much slower than Danielle, and we'll prove once and for all that she's doing me a favor by training with me and she's a class above. So I need to get over all of that. I actually wish it were Sunday, so I'd have Saturday to prepare. Oh and I'm worried that I'm a total idiot for not swimming in my wetsuit at all yet! (I will be swimming outside on Friday, but still: I should have swum in it before now!)

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Banana and milk in coffee: 110 cals
Workout fuel: 1 GU, 100 cals
Breakfast: Yogurt, fruit, and granola; milk in coffee: 430 cals
Lunch: McDonald's Asian Chicken Salad with the dressing and almonds, 440 cals
Snack: Way too much trail mix!
Dinner: Chicken breast, salad
Dessert: Two cookies and some sugary bar thing that a friend made

Run 1 hour 45 minutes (approx 10 miles)
Lift weights 45 minutes
Calories burned: 1000

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back from South Dakota

The family and I went to South Dakota to visit my husband's grandparents and go to a wedding for the long Memorial Day weekend - from Thursday through Monday. I actually found it quite relaxing - I slept late nearly every day (late for me means rising between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.) and only worked out a little - two runs and one day of weight-lifting. I over-ate, though, which was too bad. Sioux Falls has every single fast-food and chain restaurant known to man. I think we went to all of them. Oh well.

Now I'm back on the wagon, and I kicked off the week with a three-hour (45 mile) bike ride to work. It actually felt great, and I was able to keep a higher speed than I thought I'd be able to, plus I really powered up the very last hill to work. So I was happy about that. I worried that I'd feel fat and sluggish.

So here are today's data:

Pre-workout: Mojo bar, 200 cals
Breakfast: Starbucks reduced-fat banana chocolate chip coffee cake, milk in coffee: 370 cals
When I got to work: Cheese, 70 cals
Lunch: Soup, 170 cals, yogurt and granola, 300 cals
Dinner: Pork chop, green beans, bread, 500 cals
Dessert: Low-fat sherbet, 120 cals
total today: 1730 calories

Bike 3 hours, 1500 cals

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rainy run

Nancy and I ran 100 minutes this morning in the rain. Mostly rain - it stopped a couple of times. Then I swam half an hour. I didn't eat during the workout, and I really suffered for it: I was tired and worn out by the end. I know better, too.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Small banana, milk in coffee: 90 cals
Breakfast: Granola, ham, cheese, milk in coffee: 345 cals
Snacks (very hungry twice before lunch): One Mojo bar, one Luna bar: 400 cals
Lunch: Chicken parmesan and vegetables: 400 calories
total so far: 1235 calories

Run 100 minutes
Swim 30 minutes
900 calories burned

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another three-hour tour

It was raining in Renton at 5 a.m., but it was clear in Seattle. So obviously Danielle and I had to ride into Seattle to get to work, repeating the 45-miles-to-go-15 thing that we did last Thursday. Except we really did get away from the rain once we left the eastside, and then we never found it again (happily). My bike shoes were still SOAKED from yesterday - I tried blow-drying them to get them ready to wear this morning - but to no avail. Oh well. I double-socked it and called it good.

I also hit the Pro Club at noon for circuit training and a little running - fun!

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Power Bar "Harvest Crunch," 250 cals
Workout: 1/2 regular Power Bar, 110 cals
Breakfast: Ham, cheese, banana bread, milk in coffee: 445 cals
Lunch: 20/20 coconut chicken, 440 cals
Snack: Cheese and three little cookies and one little candy: 117 cals
total so far: 1362 calories
Dinner: Small slice of pizza, bowl of soup: 500 calories
Dessert: Sherbet, 150 cals
Total: 2012 calories

Bike 3 hours, 1350 calories
Circuit train and run, 600 calories
Total calories burned: 1950 yay!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Vegas, baby

Friday afternoon we left for Las Vegas - I had hoped to work out, but between watching and entertaining the kids and my husband and visiting with my grandparents, it just didn't happen. I ate properly some of the time, but outrageously at other times (like at M&M World - yay!).

However, I wore a two-piece bathing suit (bikini top, cute little skirted bottom) outside at the pool and felt fairly comfortable, except when I had to carry Camille (but that was because carrying her against my chest could have caused my top to expose more skin than I needed to).

I wanted to swim, but the pool didn't open until 10 a.m. (at which time there were too many people to swim for real) and the gym cost $20/day and that just seemed outrageous for an hour on a treadmill or whatever. So, I didn't complete my goals for the week, and I'm okay with that. I guess.

Today I biked to work, because I'm going out of town again this coming weekend (for even longer - Thursday through Monday) and I have to get more biking in. But I'm back to proper eating, I hope. Let's look at the numbers:

Pre-workout: Banana, 80 cals
Workout fuel: 2/3 Luna bar, 120 cals
Breakfast: Ham and cheese, yogurt and granola, milk in coffee: 455 cals
Lunch: Chicken noodle soup and crackers: 260 cals
total so far: 915 calories
Snack: Two little candies and a Mojo bar: 280 cals
Dinner: Steak, green beans, bread

Bike 1.5 hours
Swim 45 minutes
Calories burned: 1000

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bike to Work Day!

I had to bike to work this morning for National Bike to Work Day, and I biked in my new cute Terry biking skort in Polynesian Postcard, of course. Yay! It wasn't as warm as yesterday because it was overcast, but still nice. And it was my first time biking that route and distance alone (Danielle had to work too early to bike). It was nice! Unfortunately, really close to work I got a terrible pain in my knee and seriously couldn't pedal any longer - I had to walk my bike the rest of the way. That SUCKED. It still hurts - across the top of the knee cap on the right - and I have no idea why. I had gotten off my bike for a minute to talk to someone, then when I got back on, OWWW!

Anyway, today's eating is a bit messed up because of the bike to work events. Let's see...I had:

Pre-ride: Luna bar, 180 cals
During ride: 1 banana, 1 little chocolate bite: 120 cals
At work: Minute Maid fruit snacks, 1 mini-Clif bar, 1 apple: 240 cals
total so far: 540 calories and no coffee

Bike to work, then bike around and talk to people: 1200 calories

Thursday, May 18, 2006

45 miles to go 15

Today I planned a new route to work. But it was an amazing, gorgeous morning - warm, the sun was coming up, and it was just so beautiful - that when we got to I-90 (which we were supposed to ride right past), I asked Danielle if she wanted to go the very long way to work - across I-90 into Seattle, then north around Lake Washington to get back to Redmond. Of course she was game, so we ended up going 45 miles in order to go 15. It was wonderful, though, because it was mostly on paved bike trails, so I got practice in the aerobars and got jazzed from seeing all of the cyclists and runners out in the morning.

The high feeling from biking long this morning stuck with me all day. Gotta love it.

Here are today's data:

Pre-workout: 1/2 bagel with low-fat cream cheese, 155 cals
During workout: Starbucks stop! Milk in coffee, reduced-fat banana chocolate chip coffee cake: 370 cals
Post-workout: Milk in coffee, ham and cheese: 145 cals
Lunch: Salad with turkey, 300 cals
Snack: Mojo bar and 2 Hershey's Special Dark (the little ones), 280 cals
total so far: 1250 calories
Dinner: hot dog and bun, chips, cookie (kid food at kid's school)
Snack late because I was still hungry: Fruit and three crackers with peanut butter

Bike 3 hours, 45 miles
Burned 1300 calories

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ready for recovery

Yeah. Oh yeah. This morning I ran 10 miles, then lifted weights. I'm dreaming of the weekend when I go away and can sleep in and not work very hard.

But it was a good recovery run - low heart rate and intensity, but a nice hill climb (1 mile climbing) at the end.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Banana and milk in coffee: 100 cals
Workout fuel: 1 GU, 100 cals
Breakfast: Ham, cheese, milk in coffee, yogurt, granola: 450 cals
Lunch: Dungeness crab salad, yum: 300 cals
Snack: Mojo bar, crackers: 260 cals
total so far: 1210 calories
Snack: Banana caramel light frappuccino: 230 cals
Dinner: Chicken breast, corn, coffee cake: 800 cals
Total today: 2240 calories yuck

Run 10 miles
Lift weights
1000 calories burned

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I love my bike

I love it love it love it love it. Want to see it? Here she is:

I also love warm weather. Danielle and I left at 5 a.m., before sunrise, and it was totally warm. Which was good, because my mini-van was at work in Redmond, with the pink jacket I like to wear biking, my booties, and my warm gloves locked safely inside. It's amazing - no matter how much I plan, there's always something I forget. But it was warm enough for my light gloves, no booties, and no jacket. I wore long underwear under mountain bike shorts and a long-sleeve jersey. When we got about half way, there's a park with a good bathroom, so I took the long underwear off and stored them in my backpack. (I also forgot deodorant today - there might be a quick trip to the grocery store down the street if I start to feel warm!)

We had a good ride to Redmond, then she went off to the club and I continued on along the Sammamish River trail for more aerobar practice - and a nice steep uphill climb at the end of my ride. In all, I rode 2.5 hours and averaged 15 mph - not too bad given my tired legs from Sunday and yesterday plus hill climbs.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Luna bar, 180 cals
Workout fuel: Mojo bar, 200 cals
Breakfast: Banana bread, ham, cheese, milk in coffee: 445 cals
total so far: 825 calories
Lunch: Salad with turkey
Snack: Apple and cheese
Dinner: Chicken breast and salad with light dressing
Ugh: Chocolate chip banana peanut butter cookies as Gabriel and I were baking them

Ride my bike 2.5 hours, burned 1200 calories

Monday, May 15, 2006

New personal record for the half-marathon!

I wasn't even sure I was going to run the Kirkland half marathon. After all, I haven't been training to run a fast half-marathon, and it cost $50, and it was on Mother's Day, and so on. But I decided I'd do it just to get a change of pace - a new place to run, stimulus to run at a higher heart rate, etc. So I called Danielle on Saturday (a total rest day for me - had a funeral to go to in the morning then played with the family in the afternoon) and said, "Hey, let's PR this course tomorrow!" Of course she was game.

It was a PERFECT morning - sunny and clear. I overdressed slightly (capri running pants, which were fine, but a long-sleeve shirt and gloves, which were unnecessary), but it worked fine. The course was pretty hilly, with five significant uphill climbs and only two significant descents (but one of them was very long, and the other at the very end). Our plan was to run 9 minute miles consistently, and kick it up a notch or two at the end.

Our first mile (crowded with a zillion other runners) was 9:10, and our second landed us at 18:20 - so we were going pretty perfectly. The third mile brought us to the first big climb. I said out loud, "Wow. That's a hill!" Someone behind me said, "Hey, you're not supposed to say that - you're supposed to tell yourself it's flat." I answered, "We love hills! Nothing makes us stronger!" Someone else behind me said, "Somebody hit her." I laughed - then Danielle and I took off and never saw those people again. In fact, on every hill we passed other runners and walkers, and in nearly every case they never caught back up to us. At mile 10, with a 5K left, Danielle really wanted to speed up, and I didn't want to yet. I felt good, but not like I had a whole lot left. But she picked it up, and we did one of the miles towards the end in 8:30. The very end brought two uphills followed by one steep downhill. After the downhill, I could just see how much Danielle had left in her - and how little I had. I told her to go ahead of me. She said I could go too, that I could run the rest at any pace I wanted to. Well, I wanted to run at probably an 8 minute mile. She wanted to a little faster - so she went ahead, I focused internally on staying in motion at a good rate and she crossed the finish line 19 seconds ahead of me.

My gun time was 1:58:19. I'm certain my actual time was at least a minute faster - we were pretty far back from the start line after the gun went off, but the chip times haven't been posted yet. (Update: My chip time was 1:57:30 - yay!)

For my food strategy, I executed on a new plan: Three GUs, one each at mile 4, 8, and 11. I really felt like this was perfect - I never felt like I couldn't run or didn't want to run any more, like I usually do on a half marathon. And though I did feel a little full at the end, I think it worked better than any other plan I've ever tried. I also carried all my own water, and I used water mixed with Nuun. So I think I'm going to do this on the half-iron.

My best half-marathon prior to this was Seafair last year; I did 1:58:21 (chip time) - 1:59 something gun time. I was happy to see that this wasn't a fluke! Hilly courses are good for me. I've definitely been more successful on a hilly course (Seafair, Kirkland) than on a flatter one (Super Jock n Jill). Mercer Island was a different story, since it was after biking and I had to save something to bike home, and Seattle, my first half-marathon, was totally different since I ran the first hour with friends, really slowly, then negative-split the run by a lot.

So today I didn't rest - I'll be out of town this weekend, so I felt like it would be better to push on through for a few more days and rest this weekend. I did an hour of indoor cycling plus a four-mile run. Fun!

So here are today's data:

Pre-workout: 1/2 bagel with cream cheese, milk in coffee: 210 cals
Breakfast: Cheese, yogurt, granola, milk in coffee: 400 cals
Lunch: Cashew chicken and some rice
Snack: Hershey's kiss and a small Reese's Peanut Butter cup
Real Snack: Mojo bar
Dinner: Beef tri-tip, carrots, brown rice

Bike 1 hour
Run 40 minutes
Calories burned: 800

Friday, May 12, 2006

Lake Stevens bike course? Been there, done that

Today was a day off of work, so I got a few co-workers to ride the Lake Stevens half-ironman bike course with me. The course is about 28 miles long, so on the race you do it twice. We only did it once - 28 miles of no shoulder and trucks lumbering alongside was enough - but I was really elated that we did it. I had heard it was hilly - it was, but not terribly so. Well, let me explain: it's a hilly course, but there are no significant climbs (certainly not on the level of what we rode last weekend!). There are a couple of steep parts, but they're over quickly, and a couple of really fabulous fast downhills. And going with three men who together have like no body fat and who ride all the time - better than me - kept me motivated to work hard.

We averaged 15.6. That made me super happy. I had hoped to average 16, but riding in a group, stopping, etc drops you a little.

Then, to finish off my biking this week, I rode the Sammamish River trail for 1.5 hours just to practice in my new aerobars. It's definitely more squirrelly to be in the aeros and something to get used to, but it made me want to increase my cadence and it was definitely welcome to have a new body position. By the end of my ride, I felt really comfortable on the trail. We'll see what happens next time I ride on the road. I also made another adjustment to my bike: I put my seat up quite a bit to get a better leg extension. It's now at the proper height, I think. It wasn't before because I was nervous about stopping on the road and not being able to touch the ground while sitting on the seat, but I'm a more confident rider now, so I think I'm okay with getting off my seat and standing over the post like I'm supposed to when I have to stop at lights, etc.

So, how about today's data? Let's see if I can reconstruct it all:

Breakfast: Bagel and cream cheese, milk in coffee: 350 cals
While riding: Powerbar, 220 cals
Lunch: Sandwich and apple, 810 cals
After riding again: Mojo bar, two cookies, dark chocolate: 450 cals
total so far: 1830 calories
Dinner: Chicken breast and salad, a little more dark chocolate: 700 cals
Total for the day: 2530 calories yay!

Ride my bike a lot! 2000 calories burned

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yay, it's getting warmer

I actually had to remove layers on my bike commute to work this morning! Yay! It will be so great when it's both light at 5 a.m. and warm. Warmish. Anyway, it was a fun ride, then I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill (one song at 6.6, my marathon goal pace, one at 7.0, my 10k and possibly half-marathon pace if I ever actually race a half-marathon again, versus using a half-marathon as a catered training run, then every song increased by .1, ending at 7.5. Pretty fun. Then I finished the weight lifting I didn't do yesterday (because my leg muscles were sore from the very long run).

I will be biking later today, though.

---It's later. It's actually Friday, but I'm going to finish yesterday here.

I biked with a co-worker who I perceive as really hard-core and Danielle over to a work party in Issaquah. We went FAST - kept it around 20 mph the whole time. It was really really fun - and a huge challenge for me, because I wasn't sure I could do it. Obviously I slowed down on the uphills, but the route was mostly downhill, so it wasn't too bad. Then I managed not to drink alcohol or eat chips and guacamole at the party! Yay!

So here are today's data.

Breakfast #1: Yogurt and 1/3 cup granola, 170 cals
Fuel: 1 Gu, 100 cals
Breakfast #2: Milk in coffee, english muffin, ham, cheese: 300 cals (more ham than usual)
Lunch-snack: Yogurt and granola
After-bike lunch: Small tortilla with beef and salsa
Dinner: Tuna steak, broccoli
It's too late today to remember the calories for what I ate yesterday...also, I think I ate a whole bunch of dark chocolate. :-(

Bike to work (23 miles)
Run 30 minutes
Lift/abs 15 minutes
Total: 1100 calories burned
Bike home: 600 calories burned
Total: 1700 burned yay!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oops...that was one long run

I love love love this web site: I have been mapping my bike and running routes and then looking at the elevation profiles. Fun!

Here's what we did today:

I intended to take my running partner, Nancy, on a 90-minute run. But...this is close to 10 miles (the map says 9.5, but Nancy drove it and it was 9.8 in her car, and I think that when you run and have to cross the streets multiple times, etc, it's always a little longer. I'm going with 10, anyway). So it took us 111 minutes - 11 minute miles, but actually less because we had to cross streets, wait at lights, tie shoes, etc - and at one point on a steep uphill, Nancy stopped for a moment to catch her breath. She didn't want to walk, so I just jogged in place until she was ready to go on. She is SUCH a trooper.

But since I haven't run this week, it was great to get out there, and I felt perfect - even on the uphill. Yay!

Here are today's data:

Pre-workout: 1/2 small bagel, milk in coffee: 130 cals
During workout: Maybe 50 calories of Clif Shot Strawberry - YUCK!: 50 cals
Breakfast: Ham and cheese on english muffin, milk in coffee, banana bread: 665 cals (yeah, but it's now 10 a.m. and I'm not hungry now! Maybe I won't overeat today)
Lunch: Salad with beef, 400 cals
Snack: Clif Mojo bar, 200 cals
Snack: 100 calorie pack of wheat thins
Dinner: Beef and broccoli with rice noodles, 300 cals
Because I have no self control: ice cream and oreo cookies and chocolate: 400 cals
total: 2245 calories (hopefully...)

Run 111 minutes
Lift weights 30 minutes
Calories burned: 1000

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Need advice

I broke the news to my husband today: I want to do Ironman Coeur d'Alene next June (2007). I think he's no longer speaking to me. He just kept repeating, "I knew this day was coming." ???

So: anyone out there have advice on how to convince him that this is not the terrible thing he seems to think it is?

I'm already training 16 to 20 hours a week; I wouldn't have to increase my training volume very much for the Ironman. (Of course, I would drop the volume dramatically this fall through early winter and pick up again in January.) And, since it's an early-summer race, I'd be done with my "A" race at the end of June, leaving the rest of the summer to train!

And as a compromise, I said I wouldn't train for a fall endurance event (such as a marathon).

What else can I try?

Here's me, snowboarding on Cinco de Mayo! Yay bare arms and warm sun!

Beautiful morning!

Everyone should ride their bike to work as the sun rises. It's a great way to get a happy boost from the sunshine. Of course, not everyone should do it in 36-degree weather. Wow, it was cold this morning! Even with double-gloves, I got numb fingers and toes. Danielle and I rode a new route to work through Bellevue instead of through Sammamish. It was two miles shorter and didn't have the huge hill at the end like the regular route does. It was good for variety - I really like learning new bike routes. It makes the world I live in feel smaller.

We were still cold when we got to the club, so we sat in the hot tub for a few minutes, then I actually did manage to drag myself into the pool for a 30-minute swim. And now I feel great!

So here are today's data:

Breakfast #1: Yogurt and granola, 290 cals
Breakfast #2: Milk in coffee, english muffin, ham, and cheese: 265 cals
Snack: Laughing cow light cheese, a small handful of cereal: 80 cals
Lunch: Salad with turkey: 450 cals
total so far: 1085 (wow, hungry)
Okay, really hungry: two snacks, two hours apart: Clif mojo bar and a regular clif bar: 460 cals
total so far: 1545 cals
Hmm...bad me. I ate a burger and some onion rings for dinner, and topped it off with about 100 cals of dark chocolate.

Oh well, that's still likely even for the day.

Bike to work, 1.5 hours
Swim 30 minutes
Calories burned: 1050
Bike another 15 minutes, burn another 150 cals :-)
Total cals burned: 1200

Monday, May 08, 2006

Busy busy weekend

No meal tracking this weekend, but great exercise: I biked two different two-mile hills (there are a bunch of hills around here that taunt me: this weekend I conquered two of them), and ran the 10-mile trail.

Oh! I almost forgot! Friday after I did my big regular workout (backwards though: run 40 minutes first, then indoor cycling, then swim), I went snowboarding for the rest of the day with my team at work! It was awesome - Cinco de Mayo on the slopes! I was in a pink tank top and my purple snow pants. Very girly, very fun. Maybe I will post a picture if someone sends me the ones that they took. It was hard work keeping up with the boys in my group, but spring snow gives me confidence I don't actually deserve.

Today was semi-recovery: I swam for an hour and then lifted weights for 45 minutes. My new running buddy, Aleks, swam with me and had some great ideas for getting through the swim: We ran laps in the pool (kind of hard for me at 5'3", because the pool gets a little deeper in the middle), then did "eggbeaters" with our legs for five minutes. Very fun.

So pretty much I'm going to make a better effort to meal-track during the weekend. I did clean out the pantry and threw away all the open bags of snack food. I only kept the stuff for the kids' lunches, which I don't eat because it's measured out.

So, here are today's data:

Pre-workout: 1/3 bagel with l.f. cream cheese, milk in coffee: 160 cals
Breakfast: Ham and cheese on english muffin, milk in coffee: 265 cals
Snack: Clif "Mojo" bar: 200 cals
Lunch: Chicken noodle soup, 200 cals; tuna fish, 160 cals
Snack: Banana with peanut butter: 115 cals
Dinner: Chicken breast, green beans, bread, strawberries, Cool Whip Free: 700 calories
Total for the day: 1800! Yay!

Swim 1 hour
Lift weights 45 minutes
Calories burned: 600

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Total bonk!

This morning I way bonked. I rode in to work and swam 30 minutes afterwards, and on my way from the Pro Club to the office I seriously couldn't even think. I needed food, immediately! It was odd. So I've eaten what feels like a ton today. Oh well.

Breakfast #1: Toast and jam, small banana and peanut butter: 300 cals
Workout fuel: 1/2 Luna bar, 90 cals
Breakfast #2: Yogurt and granola, milk in coffee, ham and cheese on english muffin: 500 cals
Lunch: Shrimp stir-fry and rice: 400 cals
Evil snack: Brownie, 300 cals
Total so far: 1590 cals

Ugh. I'm not confessing to the rest. Suffice to say I ate a bunch of crap when I got home - pretzels and peanut butter, goldfish crackers, etc. I need to throw everything away. Maybe this weekend.

Bike 2 hours
Swim 30 minutes
Calories burned: 1200
Oops, got busy yesterday

And didn't write. I did write down on paper my calories through 5 p.m. - 1260 - and my exercise was 1050 (run 90 minutes, lift weights).

I think for dinner I was so-so. I don't think I exceeded my calories burned for the day with calories eaten.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bike to work! Yay!

There's nothing more fun than biking to work! More later...

Today's Data


Meal: Pre-workout
Food: Yogurt, 1/4 cup granola, tiny bit of milk in coffee
Cals: 225
Carb: 20
Fat: 4
Protein: 8

Meal: Breakfast
Food: English muffin, ham, cheese, apple, peanut butter, milk in coffee
Cals: 425
Carb: 54
Fat: 15
Protein: 22

Meal: Lunch
Food: Chicken salad from Baja Fresh
Cals: 590
Carb: 54
Fat: 22
Protein: 47

Meal: Snack
Food: Yogurt
Cals: 110
Carb: 20
Fat: 0
Protein: 7

totals so far: cals: 1350; carb: 148; fat: 41; protein: 84

Meal: Dinner
Food: Whole-wheat linguine with meatballs, asparagus, bread
Cals: 750
Carb: 80
Fat: 10
Protein: 40

Meal: Dessert
Food: Ice cream
Cals: 160
Carb: 18
Fat: 8
Protein: 2

Exercise (known)
Bike to work! 1.5 hours
Swim 45 minutes
Calories burned: 1100

Monday, May 01, 2006

Eating with Discipline

That's going to be my focus. Not that I've kicked butt on that today, but that's where I have to focus. Someone said to me if I'm not having trouble eating the right number of calories each day, then I'm eating too much fat. I'm sure he's right (though I didn't want to admit it).

The weekend was good - we did a long, easy ride on Saturday, and yesterday was rest and playing with the kids. This morning I ran and lifted weights. My jeans are getting tight. That's not okay.

Today's data:


Meal: Pre-workout
Food: Most of a yogurt, milk in coffee
Cals: 130
Carb: 24
Fat: 2
Protein: 7

Meal: Breakfast
Food: English muffin, ham, cheese, milk in coffee
Cals: 265
Carbs: 33
Fat: 7
Protein: 18

Meal: Lunch
Food: Couscous, chicken tikka, naan
Cals: 560
Carb: 49
Fat: 19
Protein: 36

Meal: Snack
Food: Luna bar
Cals: 180
Carb: 27
Fat: 4
Protein: 9

Meal: Dinner
Food: Shrimp and mushroom risotto (I made it, not super-fatty)
Cals: 500
Carb: 40
Fat: 8
Protein: 21

Meal: Dessert
Food: Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich
Cals: 140
Carb: 20
Fat: 2
Protein: 2

Total for the day:
Cals: 1775; Carb: 193; Fat: 42; Protein: 82

Run, 65 minutes
Lift weights
Calories burned: 1000