Friday, June 30, 2006

Random triathlon thoughts

I did my Friday mini-tri today, and kept my distances and intensity down.

I had no training partners join me today, so I had a lot of time to think. And here's what I thought:

Swim: .7 mile, approx 30 minutes (nice and slow)
-- The water is now too warm, or at least it was today. I was uncomfortable in my full wetsuit. Maybe time to break out the Costco shortie?
-- The parking lot was FULL when I got there at 6:35 a.m. - which meant the water was full! It was cool - there were enough swimmers that it actually felt a little like a tri swim.
-- My goggles fog up after two laps (each lap is about 1/3 mile). Anyone have ideas on how to prevent goggle fog?
-- Swim transition: I walked. My HR skyrockets during the long run uphill to the parking lot, and I didn't want it to do that today.

-- My light but full-finger gloves will never work in a triathlon. Going to have to start trying the fingerless ones.
-- I need to ride my bike before I rack it. For some reason, my front brake always moves around and ends up rubbing - it's easy to fix, but it's annoying and requires that I pull over and stop. I think this happens because of where I put my bike in the van.
-- A polyester bike jersey doesn't slide on easily over a wet tri suit.

Bike: 10 miles, 40 minutes
-- I tried a new thing: always be able to accelerate (from BettyBetty's suggestion). So I kept the bike in a lower gear than I normally would use.
-- I also tried to keep my cadence over 90 at all times (the route is really flat, so it was a good test).
-- I noticed that when I was in the aero bars, it was MUCH harder to do a fast cadence - but sitting up, it was easy. Hey cyclists - I'm new to aero bars. Is this normal? Should I have my bike in a harder gear when I'm in the aeros and keep a lower cadence? That feels right, but since I never learned anything about how to use aeros effectively, I just don't know.
-- Some tiny dog almost got flattened by a woman who was walking on the right side of the trail, but letting her dog stray to the left. She pulled the dog to the right to let two cyclists ahead of me go by, but right as I was about to pass, she let the dog go left again. I yelled, and fortunately she reacted quickly enough. But seriously - there are TONS of bikes on that trail in the early morning, and it really bugs me when walkers/runners think they can go three abreast and take up the entire trail.

-- Nothing interesting to note here, except if I'm going to use an MP3 player on my training runs, it would be good to untangle the earphones before starting my run.

Run: 15 minutes (no idea on distance)
-- Oh my goodness, my legs felt AWFUL. I did not want to run. I felt like I was shuffling along!
-- My feet (some toes and patches on the bottom of my feet) went numb. They weren't numb on the run, though - so that was weird. And it was hot out by now, so I had no right to be numb.
-- I don' t know what's going on with my running. I feel like I forgot how or something. Blah.

So, here are today's data:

Pre-workout: Banana, 80 cals
Breakfast: Bagel and cream cheese, ham and cheese: 450 cals

Mini-triathlon, 700 cals burned

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still feeling a little off

I did not want to get out of bed this morning, but my resting heart rate was normal, so I did. I met Nancy for an alleged run at 5:30 a.m. (later than our usual 5 a.m. run), but I was tired and food sounded disgusting so I hadn't eaten on the way like I usually do, so we ended up walking four miles in an hour. So that was good.

Then I did go meet people to swim, and I swam for about 45 minutes. That felt very good (somewhere between the walk and the swim, I got my appetite back and fueled up on half a bagel). I practiced unilateral breathing on my less-comfortable side and found that I got dizzy from rotating in the water.

My eating is completely whack: I haven't had any protein, and I really don't want any. I am trying to make myself have protein, but it might have to wait for lunch time.

Today's data:

Random during the morning: 1 bagel, 1/2 small container cream cheese, banana, peanut butter: 450 cals
Lunch: Salad (no dressing): 250 cals
Ugh: Stupid Hostess cupcake. They're not even that good. 180 cals
Afternoon snack: PowerBar (trail mix kind) 250 cals
total so far: 1130 (okay fine not so bad even with the dumb cupcake)
Dinner: Chicken breast, carrots, cheese, crackers, blueberries: 500 cals
new total: 1630 cals

Walk 4 miles
Swim 1 mile
Calories burned: 675

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yay Sammamish Valley Cycle

I am in love with this store:

After all the difficulty I've had with my bike's shifting, I took it to Sammamish Valley Cycle, and the first guy who saw me (RIGHT AWAY - no waiting!) took my bike back into the shop area, threw it up on a lift thing, and fixed it. Not only that, he also dug out all the glass and gravel that had become embedded in my tire (he called them "future flats"). And while this guy was fixing my shifting problem (the thing that holds the derailleur on was out of place or something), he gave me lots of good cycling advice and was just super-friendly and fun.

AND THEN - when he went to ring me up, the charge was $10. Yes, $10. I would have paid, oh, I don't know, my first-born child to make my bike work properly again, or at least $40 or something. I wished the credit-card slip had had a tip place, I would have given him a big one! So I need to figure out something to do to express my appreciation.

I did this on Sunday (after church, before I went to the hospital, using all the energy I could muster - so strong was my desire to get that bike fixed), and today was the first day I rode on the happy-shifting bike. Well, it was lovely - it shifted better than it ever has. BUT, I need to remove the 34-tooth chain ring I put on the front because I was being a weenie and put the 36 back. It's never going to shift perfectly with that 34 on there, and that was a crutch that I really don't think I need anymore.

That said, I'm not 100% yet. I felt good enough for a decent ride in, but Danielle and I kept the pace down and chatted the whole 22 miles. I also lifted weights when I got to the gym (in my cute purple plaid cycling skort!), then came on to work.

So I'm happy. I missed my bike. I love my bike. I'm a little obsessed with my bike. But, I really am going to cut the volume and most of the intensity, because Sunday scared me a lot and I don't want that to ever happen again.

Addendum later on: I rode to Redmond Town Center with a girlfriend to go out to lunch, then was halfway back up the 520 hill when I realized I needed to pick up my car from John - at the bottom of the hill. Lest my friend think I was weenie-ing out of finishing the hill, I completed it with her, then turned around and flew 30 mph+ back down. :-) John yelled at me when I got to the shop that I was supposed to be taking it easy...but that's my hill! Plus, the downhill part makes it worth it. Plus I did eat bread at lunch. Plus I should stop making excuses and remember: training volume needs to be lowered or I will not race well.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Vitatop, 100 cals
Workout: Sport beans (my new favorite biking food, too bad they don't have protein): 100 cals
Breakfast: Small piece banana bread, ham, cheese: 405 cals
Snack: Fruit, 60 cals
Lunch: Salad from Cosi with fat-free dressing and a piece of bread: 490 cals (the bread alone was 265, but totally worth it)
total so far: 1155 cals
Snack: Apple (when I wanted a brownie, but seeing people I know in the cafeteria stopped me. Yay for not eating in secret) and two little chocolates: 140 cals
Dinner: Sauteed shrimp, jasmine rice, asparagus, berries: 600 cals
total today: 1895 cals Woo!

Bike to work
Lift weights
Calories burned: 900
Bike to go out to lunch, including the 520 hill: 250 cals (est - wasn't wearing HRM)
total burned: 1150

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Much better today

Wow, it felt awful to be weak and exhausted!

I'm feeling a lot better - the difference is amazing. I did get up to go swim this morning, but just did about 1/4 of a mile or so, mostly just to get wet and get ready for real workouts again.

I plan to cut my volume down significantly and a lot of the intensity. Danielle thinks this is a good idea and won't affect my racing. So I'm willing to try it.

I'm back to meal-tracking; the last two days I didn't bother because I didn't eat much. Today I'm not super-hungry, but I did just have a big (healthy) lunch.

Oh, and I'm dropping caffeine and soda from my diet. And beans, and some of the dairy. I've had stomachaches for a while now and I'm not sure why, so I'm going to work on figuring that out.

Today's data:

Breakfast: Vita-top and nectarine, 160 cals
Lunch: Salad with chicken and raspberry vinegar, 8 oz soup, crackers: 400 cals
Snack: 1/2 Clif bar, 125 cals
Because my admin has them: Two small chocolates, 80 cals
More snack: Cherries, 90 cals
Dinner: Pork tenderloin, rice, green beans: 500 cals
Bad: Two ginger cookies, 210 cals
Total: 1565 <-- Wow. I almost didn't finish writing this all because I thought it would be really bad. That's actually acceptable!

Can you call a 1/4 mile swim exercise? I burned 150 calories, but most of it was probably walking to and from my car. :-)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Evening update

Well, I'm back to fairly normal eating (not very much, though - I'm just not that hungry, which is good because I'm not that energetic!), and while I don't feel normal, I do feel better and I folded like 8 loads of laundry.

John and I agreed tonight that I wouldn't do IM Coeur d'Alene next year. Instead, my "A" race will be Pacific Crest half IM, because Danielle says it's just so much fun and it sounds like a good vacation.

I feel disappointed and relieved. A friend called tonight - they live literally half a mile from me - and I haven't seen them in months. That's so wrong. That's the price of this level of training - and until I no longer have to hold a job, I just don't think I can pay it. I will continue to race and compete and have fun with triathlon, but it's not time to go for the big one.

Not dehydrated. Behind on fluids?

Okay, so after my ride Saturday, I took the kids to the beach, went out to dinner with the family, then came home and in some weird burst of energy, cleaned part of the garage (which was disgusting). So it was a pretty big shock to wake up yesterday completely exhausted - after eight hours of sleep, too - and with a stomachache. Things got worse when we went to church - I couldn't even stand up for the parts you're supposed to stand for - and things got even worse later on. It was too much effort to even keep my eyes open or talk! My heart rate was racing just trying to walk, and sitting it was in the 80s (usually it's in the low 50s). I was so thirsty, so I thought I was dehydrated. John took me to urgent care and they did give me an IV - two bags of saline later and I felt perkier, but I still had muscle aches and the stomachache.

Oh, and whatever tests they do to determine whether you're dehydrated came back negative - so the doctor decided I was "behind on fluids" and diagnosed me with "fatigue."

And today I don't really feel better - I made it in to work to go to a couple of meetings, but pretty much I need to go home and go back to bed.

Is this a sign? Today is the day I could sign up for IM Coeur d'Alene 2007 - and yesterday morning, before I started feeling miserable, John actually had agreed that I could sign up. Now I'm afraid to...I still feel weak and awful and I never want to feel this again. What did I do to myself?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Seven Hills of Kirkland: The hardest metric century ever!

This morning, I went out with a group of women triathletes from the Pro Club to ride the "Seven Hills of Kirkland" metric century. WOW. What a ride. Who knew there were mountains right in this area?

So basically, the seven hills form a 39-mile route; the metric century has by their count 11, and by my count 12 big climbs - in 59 miles (so not quite a full metric century, but whatever). The ride was seriously the hardest ride I've ever done - harder than the Daffodil Century, way harder than the Flying Wheels Century. In fact, I think if I had ridden Flying Wheels at my pace the entire time (rather than the group's slower pace), I could have finished the 100 miles of Flying Wheels in about the same time it would have taken me to finish the Seven Hills metric century ride.

I say would have because my bike is being mean to me. Somewhere around mile 46 or so, it decided to start ghost-shifting again - and while I could tolerate it a few weeks ago when I knew the route well, with all these hills, I needed all my gears and I needed to know that it wasn't going to shift on me in the middle of a climb or descent. So we cut out the last two hills (on the cue sheet - in my opinion, there was one more significant climb at the end that wasn't marked on the cue sheet) and ended around 55 miles.

So let's see, ride details: I felt great on almost all of the climbs. A couple of them I did in my big ring just to see if I could (even though I was in the big ring in the back, too - which means I should have been on the small ring in the front and a middle one in the back, but I've never bothered to learn the ratios anyway). Matthew argued with me that you should never ride in the big in front and back, and I disagreed because I feel like in a race, if I know I'm going to crest a hill and start a major descent, I want to be in my big ring already towards the top of the hill so while I'm giving it that last hard push to the top, I can already be shifting the back to make it harder so when I start the descent, I'm ready. That was the longest sentence I ever wrote, and I'm not editing it so it's no longer a run-on. :-)

A couple of the hills did make me wish they were over - particularly Novelty Hill in Redmond, which just goes on and on and on and the shoulder is full of gravel and glass and cars go by in their lane at like 50 mph. Apparently it's a three-mile climb, with a couple little flat parts but then going up again. Wow. But I stayed strong until the end, although I did need more food. I brought with me a PowerBar, two GUs, and two packets of Sport Beans (yum!). Matthew forgot to bring food (I've since forbidden him to ride with me without food, because we just ride too far and too long not to eat), so I gave him one of the packages of Sport Beans and that didn't really leave me with enough calories. Actually, I can't blame Matthew - I didn't bring enough calories to begin with. If I'd eaten everything I had, I would have eaten 620 calories - and I burned 2400. Not okay. I thought there were more PowerBars in my saddle bag, but I guess I had removed them.

So: gotta bring more food. I think I want to try some kind of carb/protein drink in my water bottles; I don't think I can eat enough to sustain myself well on that kind of ride. Other than that, I was happy with my performance. My average speed over the 55 miles was 13.6, but I also held myself back on some of the steeper descents to stay with the group and because I hadn't ridden those hills before, so just in case something unexpected were to happen. I also had times when the group wasn't pushing (like for a few miles on the Burke-Gilman trail), where we could have. So I guess I could have had a higher average speed, but I'm frankly not unhappy with a 13.6 on this route. Not at all.

Other hills of note: The winery hill was steep, and longer than I thought it would be. At one point, I was going something like 4.9 mph and I saw the hill continue up for a while, so I decided to give myself a little break by turning left off the course onto a flat road, pedaling around for a minute to catch my breath, then started back up. I don't think anyone else I was riding with even noticed - Matthew was ahead of me at this point, everyone else was behind, so I don't think anyone saw me do it and I caught right back up to Matthew. This was interesting, because even though I added distance that little break gave me a tiny bit more energy so it made my push to the top stronger. That might be a good strategy for a race; however, I don't really think there's any place like that on the Lake Stevens half-Ironman.

When the ride was over, I was HUNGRY. I ate enchiladas for lunch and a hamburger and fries for dinner (actually, half my burger and half my fries, but that probably doesn't count anyway because half of a Red Robin hamburger is still a lot of calories). But I'm feeling okay about my eating today - we went to the beach to play in the afternoon and I didn't eat candy, soda, or ice cream there.

Anyway, after this ride, I feel completely ready for both STP and the half-Ironman. Danielle raced Pacific Crest half-Iron today; the results aren't out yet, but I hope she kicked ass! I was a little bit sorry this morning to wake up and know she was racing and I wasn't. I don't think I made the wrong decision to stay home with the family this weekend, but I'm so ready for my half-Iron race and I just can't wait, so it might have been fun to do it this weekend!

Oh, one year from now: Ironman Coeur d'Alene. I've got a year to train. No sweat. :-)

(What a dumb statement! Lots of sweat! Yeah!)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Triathlon Friday, plus accusations that I'm insane

I love my Friday workout!

I swam for 30 minutes, really comfortably. The sun was coming up and skating across the water; it was lovely, but it hid the buoys from me and made it very hard to do unilateral breathing on the sun-coming-up side. So I practiced both unilateral breathing on my uncomfortable - left - side, and bilateral breathing.

It felt really good to swim though - when I woke up, I really didn't want to go, and only the thought of meeting my friends got me out of bed. My glutes hurt, too - hill repeats! From now on, hill repeats need to happen earlier in the week. I'm glad we did them, but owwie! (Aleks told me her behind hurt too.)

In my "transition," I'd forgotten to set out my socks, then I couldn't find them in my bag. We took I think seven minutes! Yuck! But hey - I won't make that mistake again. I guess that's the point of training: make all the mistakes now, so we don't later on.

Biking was fun, but I was COLD. Oh, I also learned that trying to put on gloves with full fingers over wet hands isn't very effective. Now I definitely need fingerless gloves. I didn't ride all that hard, but it was enjoyable, and I managed to stay more in my aeros than usual.

My bike to run transition was fast, but my friends were done and didn't want to run, so I just went by myself. I grabbed my mp3 player and looped the park five times - it's downhill and up, only a little bit flat, and mostly on trail, so it's nice. But I remained cold until more than 20 minutes in - so much so that my toes and the bottom of my feet were numb. Darn Reynaud's Syndrome.

Then I went to switch cars with the hubby and got a lecture on why I'm insane. It went something like, when we discussed your schedule x months ago you didn't say you were going to exercise three hours a day, and you are, and Camille is wearing SpiderMan underwear because she didn't have any clean underwear today. And everyone I talk to says exercising three hours a day is more than excessive (mind you, he doesn't talk to anyone who is remotely athletic).

Okay. I can solve the underwear problem. I can lay out her clothes the night before, I can make sure laundry is always done (I usually do - I've done laundry this week, so I'm surprised she doesn't have clean underwear. I think she does, I think he just can't find it.) I can solve breakfast if it's hard to get the kids ready in the morning, I can be a better wife if John tells me what that means. But "you're insane" is meaningless and not actionable, so I can't do anything about it.

I think I balance my responsibilities well! My house is clean, dinner is always made, laundry is usually done, the kids are bathed, I'm fairly successful at work - I don't know what else I could do. But I would do it if someone told me what to do and I agreed.

One of our mutual friends recently told John, "Jessica always needs a mountain to climb." Okay, fine, maybe I do, and maybe this is it. So why would John be complaining? Triathlon is just this year's mountain.

Next year, I want to climb a real mountain though. Mt. Rainier. Hmm. What was it John was saying this morning?

Oh, today's data:

Pre-workout: VitaTop, banana, milk in coffee: 200 cals
Breakfast: Cookie, yogurt, granola: 450 cals

Triathlon practice
1000 calories burned

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hill repeats and avoiding boats

This morning Aleks and I did a 7, 7.5 mile route with a bunch of hill repeats. The "Boot Camp" class at the Pro Club just happened to be there at the same time, which was entertaining. We ran up 40th to the dead end three times, then walked down. I think this was the first time I was able to do three full running up repeats - usually I have to walk part of the way.

Then I met a group for swimming at Idylwood Park. I did just over a mile, which was nice. When I first got to the park, I didn't think I could swim: I was cold!!! It was about 55 degrees this morning. But when I got my wetsuit on and got in the water, everything was good. In fact, I felt great - strong and comfortable, and I even did one length (1/6 of a mile) doing full bilateral breathing. Only thing was, a boat came into the swimming area and came too close for comfort to one of my swimming companions!

On Tuesday there was a heron perched on one of the buoys we swim between. I thought it wanted to eat me. Today, boats. What will be there tomorrow? That's why open water swimming is just so much better than pool swimming. Well, one of the many reasons.

Um, I don't want to meal track today. But here goes anyway:

Pre-workout/workout: Banana, milk in coffee, GU: 200 cals
Breakfast: Banana bread, milk in coffee: 400 cals
Lunch: Salad with chicken, mozzarella sticks (yum): 800 cals
Snack: Luna bar, 180 cals
Um, another snack: Two cookies, 300 cals (bad bad bad, no discipline)
total so far: 1880 cals

Run 95 minutes
Swim 45 minutes
Calories burned: 1300

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Weird transition dreams!

I had the weirdest dream last night. Danielle and I were at some sort of training camp where every day you do a triathlon for practice - but you treat it like a race. In one of them, I was in a bathing suit at the swim start, and I managed to find my wetsuit, but then I panicked because my transition area wasn't set up properly and I didn't have all my stuff and I wasn't sure what I was going to wear for shorts since I was in my bathing suit and pretty much I was completely flipping out. I had a good swim, but my T1 was going on six minutes when I woke up.

Wow. I think I'm a little obsessed with triathlon, huh?

Today I rode around Lake Sammamish with Aleks and Regan. We went at a comfortable pace - my schedule didn't really call for an easy ride, but I'm glad we did it. I think a little extra recovery this week is a good thing. Friday I plan to push hard, and Saturday do a long bike.

I'm listening to VH1's "Jump Start" program and it's full of songs I could run to. Of course, I haven't done any running outside of races or with friends in I'm not sure how long...well, I guess I ran alone in New York, but I forgot my mp3 player. I love running with friends, but I miss listening to music too!

In the race on Sunday, they actually said you weren't allowed to use mp3 players on the run. I know on the bike it's against Washington state law, but on the run it would have been nice (they said it could interfere with your ability to hear the course marshalls or whatever). Danielle told me once early in my marathon training that music can make you do things you didn't think you could - run faster, etc - and I agree. :-) I think she might see it as cheating, but I see it as extra motivation.

But I wouldn't trade running with friends to run with an mp3 player, anyway.

So, today's data:
Pre-workout: Vita-top and milk in coffee, 130 cals
Breakfast: 1/2 Pria bar (yummy! Aleks gave this to me, I thought it would be yucky but it was like candy!), english muffin with ham and cheese, milk in coffee: 350 cals
Lunch: Turkey and swiss on a bagel, 1/2 a brownie (yum): 600 cals
Snack: Mojo bar, 220 cals
Dinner: Chicken breast, green beans, bread, watermelon: 450 cals
total today: 1750

Bike 1 hour 40 minutes (low key), 550 cals burned

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What the flat tire did, two days later

As I was getting my bike ready today to ride very early tomorrow, it struck me: I'm now extremely confident that I can replace a tube that's gone flat. I know I didn't do it by myself on the triathlon, but I also know that I can do it. Plus I accidentally discharged a CO2 container, so now I know how to use those too. :-)

So I'm carrying my pump (never again will I go out without it on a race or a solo ride), two CO2 cartridges, and one spare tube. It all fits in my bike bag anyway, so I'm good to go.

This is a great feeling - to know I can take care of myself out there. But still I hope I don't have to, at least not on a race!

A little tired

I wasn't tired this morning, but I sure am now. My fault!

This morning I did an approximate 8 mile run, followed by almost an hour of swimming in Lake Sammamish. I felt pretty good for both. But then I decided to sneak in a weight-lifting workout - the circuit training class - and realized I couldn't run fast without a super-high heart rate and feeling yucky. Hello overtraining! It's been a while since I saw you (it was last just after I did the marathon).

So, no more sneaking in extra workouts - and next week, it was supposed to be a recovery week and I thought I wouldn't bother, but now I think I will. I probably need to.

So, today's data:
Pre-workout: Vitatop and milk in coffee, 130 cals
Breakfast: Banana bread, milk in coffee, ham and cheese: 545 cals
Snack: String cheese, 60 cals
Lunch: Yogurt with fruit and granola, 3 oz turkey breast: 500 cals
Snack: String cheese, 60 cals
Dinner: Chicken breast, carrots, potato: 600 cals
total today: 1895 calories

Run 90 minutes
Swim 60 minutes
Circuit training 60 minutes
Total calories burned: 1650

Monday, June 19, 2006

Get over it, Jessica!

I'm totally annoyed by my flat tire. I just keep thinking about what could have been. I really need to stop. These things happen, and better they happen now than on my "A" race. I will put it all together by then. And I will practice changing flats so that they never take 15 minutes again. That's pathetic.

Today I just swam in the lake, fairly comfortably. I think even though I feel pretty good - just a little muscle soreness - that I should rest. So just a little half-hour swim.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: 1 VitaTop, 100 cals
Breakfast: English muffin with ham and cheese, milk in coffee: 265 cals
Lunch: Turkey breast, 1/2 c steamed veggies, tomato soup with crackers: 340 cals
Snack: Granola bar, 140 cals
total so far: 845 cals
Dinner: Pork tenderloin, broccoli, bread with a little olive oil
Dessert: Ice cream

Swim 30 minutes
200 calories burned

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cascade's Edge Olympic Triathlon Race Report

Update: Race results are in. I was dead last for bike time. Wow. And the time wasted on the flat tire was 14:43. I can't help but do the math to see what would have been, and I know that's horrible negative thinking I need to eliminate. So I won't write it all down here, even though I did do the math and looked at where I would have placed. But no worries - I still wouldn't have come close to winning my age group or anything. :-)

Overall time
Div place
Swim time
Swim rank
T1 time
Bike time
Bike rank
T2 time
Run time
Run rank
Overall rank

Okay, so maybe doing an Olympic triathlon - my first one ever - the day after a century wasn't the smartest idea. But it was the right thing to do for the following reasons:

1) It fit my no-travel rule (to minimize impact on the family)
2) It offered the right distance (Olympic) prior to my half-Ironman "A" race
3) It was scheduled for the right time prior to the "A" race (one month before)
4) It was an interesting test - can I ride 100 miles one day, and do a tri the next? The reason this test is relevant is that on July 14, I plan to ride 200 miles, and just eight days later, July 23, do the half-Ironman.

But it was the wrong thing to do because of these reasons:
1) It's Father's Day and I was gone all day yesterday at the Century.
2) My knees hurt from the century yesterday.
3) My bike is a little messed up - it's not shifting right.

So, I did it anyway. :-) I didn't pre-register, so Danielle and I got there at 7:15 (for a 9 a.m. start) to register and get comfortable. We saw a zillion people we knew, which was really nice, then headed down to the water for a swim prior to the pre-race briefing.

Oh my goodness! Deep Lake in Nolte State Park is MUCH colder than Lake Sammamish! I was definitely glad to get in the water early, but it was cold waiting around from 8:45 a.m. until 9:20, when my wave started. But by the time they let us in the water, I swam a quick little bit prior to the gun going off, then we started.

My swim strategy was to hang back and just do my thing, by myself. Fortunately, despite the fact that all the women doing the Olympic were starting at the same time, there just weren't that many people - maybe 150? I'll see when the results come out. So I did hang back, but it was also a calmer lake and people were spread out enough that I could actually really swim without getting kicked, swum over, or whatever. I started out counting my strokes: one, two, three, etc - when I got to 15, I figured I had developed a rhythm and stopped counting.

The course was two loops; at the beginning of my second, I swallowed water and started to panic a little. I realized when I do that, I start kicking frantically - so I first stopped kicking, picked my head up, coughed it out, then started counting strokes again until my rhythm came back.

I think I passed some swimmers, but I was probably still towards the back of the pack. I looked at my watch when I exited the water - something like 30 or 31 minutes. Not bad!!!

T1 was okay - it's a long run up from the water, and I was sort of bonking - I needed fuel. I didn't eat right this morning (a VitaTop and a cookie - I meant to eat more, but then I forgot). I dropped my pink swim cap and I wanted to keep it, so I went back for it. Then it was hard to get my socks on and I forgot my sunglasses (but deliberately didn't wear my arm warmers or gloves).

Biking was HARD. This is supposed to be my strong leg, and man, I was feeling the toll of the century ride. My knees hurt and every hill took more out of me than they should have - in fact, on another day I would have told you that the entire course was flat, but today it was hilly. Little rollers, I guess, but it was really hard to get the power to go up.

Then I passed a guy with a flat tire, and I said a quick prayer for him to have peace about his race and his messed up bike split. Not a minute later, I'm going downhill at 30 mph and something sounds awful from my back tire...and I have a flat, too. Oh no!

It took me a long time to get the tire loose enough to get the tube out, and I didn't check the tube to see what was wrong. I did check the inside and outside of the tire and didn't notice a problem. I got a new tube in and actually managed to get the tire back on fairly easily, but then I ran into a snag: no pump. I was carrying CO2, though, but since I've never used it before, I wasn't quite sure how to. Just then, Danielle came flying by, and she stopped, pumped up my tire while I picked up all my garbage, and helped me put it back on. We start riding together (sort of - she hung back so she wouldn't be drafting), and then my chain came off. She stopped AGAIN to help me, and this time somehow I managed to tip my whole bike over and dump out all the water in my aerobottle. I was about to scream when Danielle said she had a bottle of water with Gatorade in it, so she gave that to me and I poured it into the aerobottle. THANK GOODNESS FOR DANIELLE.

I might have quit if she didn't stop, and I'm terribly sorry that she lost 5 minutes off of her race. (I think I lost 15 or 20 - we'll see when the numbers are posted. My bike was in motion for 1 hour, 23 minutes, 34 seconds, according to my bike computer). So it was really a blessing to have her there with me.

We rode as together as you're allowed to in a triathlon for a while, then on an uphill she needed to pass me. I could see her for a bit, but then she was gone. Good for her - I didn't want to hold her back even more!

I think I had a good T2 - honestly, I don't really remember. I grabbed my spare water bottle to take with me on the run. It was good not to be drinking Gatorade.

Oh, nutrition: at mile 5 or so I started eating a PowerBar. I think I ate about 2/3 of it. I meant to eat it all, but the flat threw me all off and all I wanted to do after that was pick up speed.

Oh, and my bike average, according to my computer, was 18. Were it not for the flat, I'd have no complaints about the bike (I probably could have gone faster without the century the day before, but 18 is nothing to be ashamed of anyway.)

My run: I started out really slow, or at least feeling sluggish. I ate a GU right away even though I didn't want to, and it probably helped, because my mood improved after about 1.5 miles. I started passing other runners around mile 3 or so, and I think I was going about a 9 minute pace, although I didn't check. My heart rate was around 150 for the first four miles.

I picked it up at mile 4 to pass some runners, and again around 4.8 - the last 1.4 miles is a loop around the lake, on a trail, with a lot of little uphills. I passed a few runners on the trail and kept a stronger pace so they wouldn't try to pass me back. Oh, before you get to the trail you run by the transition area, so I threw my water bottle back at my bike station so that I could really bust it out in the end without carrying anything else. So I did: I really picked up huge speed at the end, sprint to the finish, and that actually felt good.

My watch said I'd been going for 3 hours, 12 minutes. Since my goal had been 3 hours even, I might have done even better than I hoped had I not had the flat.

So I've got to learn to put it together! My solid swim today plus my great bike at Issaquah plus...well, I haven't had a fabulous run yet, but I might sometime, would make a great triathlon. But that's exactly what makes triathlon so special: so many factors, so many things to deal with, and then you have to be a great athlete in three sports too! Hopefully I can put it together for my A race - Lake Stevens. I know now I need to bike a little less and focus more on my swimming and running - especially running. I need to make sure I'm doing more speed work and maybe less endurance work. It's not a marathon, after all!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Flying Wheels Summer Century Report

Well, it's not a race, but I've got a report anyway.

Yay century! It was awesome!

I felt great start to finish - unlike on the Daffodil Century, where I was doing the fractions to see how done I was (1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, etc - including the harder fractions, like sixths and eighths) and where I wondered whether I could actually finish from around mile 33 on. Here, I knew I could. I guess there are some differences:

1) I was with a larger group today (five people) and the group contained only one person who was a stronger rider than me, at least today (Danielle)
2) I had ridden half of the course before, and 3 out of the 5 major hills, and I did that last year when I wasn't as strong a cyclist, so I knew I could do it
3) I'm thinking the training I've done since the end of April, when I rode Daffodil, has paid off.

We started out slower than I could have done, but eventually we sped up and dropped two of our five people (we met up with one again at rest stops, but after about mile 50, I never saw the other again). I think that helped, too. There were some amazing, joyful, exciting miles - a bunch of the way had fabulous rollers, net downhill but it feels amazing to be going slightly uphill at 30 mph. I ate A LOT on the route - I think that helped my mood, too (I didn't eat nearly the number of calories I burned) but I ate a bagel and cookies and a banana and a PowerBar and a Pop-Tart and who knows what else - I was keeping track earlier in the day, but then lost track. So how do I know I didn't eat the number I burned, you ask?

Simple: I burned from exercise 3300 calories. Add that to my metabolic rate of 1400 (which I think is actually low - I think my metabolic rate is more like 1800 now), and it would be pretty much impossible to eat that much and a) be able to ride and b) not puke. I was very hungry when I got home, though, and I indulged in Chinese takeout: chicken and broccoli plus fried rice (a treat!).

So, a few things of note:

The route has five major hills. The first comes at mile 4.5. I wish I could do this hill when I've had time to warm up - as it was, I did it and it was fine, but I could have done even better.

The second hill is nothing. I had to convince one of my riding buddies that it actually was a hill. The third was even less than nothing.

I don't remember the fourth. Oh wait, yes I do - again, not significant. Then there was an extra one in Duvall to re-route around an accident (not sure if it was a bike accident or car). We had to make a sharp right uphill from a downhill slope. I was in my hardest gear, and unfortunately decided to downshift in the back, not the front, because I didn't know how steep it would be. Well, it was VERY steep, so I couldn't big-ring it, so I had to unclip and walk for a minute until I got to a driveway, could shift into a reasonable gear, then get back on the bike and go. That sucked.

So, the fifth hill. It comes at mile 80. The cue sheet said it was a three-mile climb. I remember last year not believing the hill was still going up - it's winding, so I kept thinking it was over, and it wasn't! I remember thinking it was absurd.

I was ready for it, but maybe too ready: it was easy! I mean, I did have to use my easiest gear some of the time, but not all of the time, and after the first 1.5 miles there's a 1-mile downhill that was fast and fabulous, then you go up again for another half-mile. No big deal!

Now, because we stopped and waited a lot for people, elapsed time was about 8.5, almost 9 hours. Riding time was under 6 (but I only rode 93 miles - the total route was 97, but John picked me up before I got to the very end because he was late somewhere and I felt worse about making him late than not finishing the ride). I didn't feel I needed my trip odometer to say 100, because I felt so good at 93 that it was so obvious I could have done more. In fact, I could have run a marathon, or at least a half-marathon. We averaged 15.7, but my average speed kept rising for the last 50 miles due to the faster pace we were able to keep (on flats, we were doing 18-20 mph consistently - I pulled a lot, too, and only drafted a little).

I tried drafting in the aero bars. I barely had to pedal. That was cool. But I liked leading better than drafting, but I'm a poor leader on hills. I push too hard and expend a lot of energy. I'm thinking I should practice chilling out on the hills a little more and pushing harder on the flats. But I love hills!

Okay, it's 10 p.m. now and I'm so tired I can't see straight. Tomorrow I'm doing my first Olympic triathlon. Yes, the day after a century ride. Whatever. :-)

Friday, June 16, 2006

My favorite workout

Today I did my absolute favorite workout. Okay, fine, it's not a workout. It's a triathlon. But it's not competitive, which makes it a little more relaxing.

I swam at Idylwood first - about 2/3 of a mile, maybe 3/4 - then did a real transition (running while removing the wetsuit) to my van, which had already been set up with my gear. Wetsuit off, socks and bike shoes on (I was wearing my new adorable Louis Garneau tri suit), helmet on. Biked 8 or 9 miles, then tossed the bike back in the van, exchanged helmet and bike shoes for running shoes, and I'm off. 15 minute run and I'm done!

Aleks did it with me, despite the fact that it threatened rain (and really started coming down when I was in my car on the way to work). Fun fun fun!

Oh, and I'm still sick. Darn it. Maybe I'll have a cold forever. But it doesn't hold me back any, just annoys me, so I can deal with it.

Something else I want to say: no more Indian food. It makes me hungry. Yum.

So here are today's data:
Pre-workout: Vita-top (some weird vitamin muffin, low-cal and low-fat), milk in coffee: 130 cals
Breakfast: Ham, cheese, yogurt, granola, milk in coffee: 500 cals
Lunch: Indian food (chicken, some rice, naan, samosas (I know they're fried)) 600 cals?
Snack: Power Bar Nut Naturals: 210 cals
total so far: 1440

Mini-triathlon, 700 cals burned

Thursday, June 15, 2006

11.7 excellent miles

I ran 10 miles with Aleks this morning. We did the Pro Club to West Lake Sammamish Parkway route backwards, where we went down the more gradual hill first, and returned up via one of the steepest hills around (51st Street). It rocked, because that was the first time I could run the entire way up 51st. Although, I should admit, I'm not sure when the last time I attempted that hill was - it certainly was at least a year ago, if not longer. On the other hand, it wasn't at the end of a 10-mile run, either, so I was happy.

Then I met Lisa, another triathlete, for a swim workout. We swam at Idylwood Park for an hour, and she was wearing a GPS device that said we went 1.7 miles. Excellent! I felt pretty good - I wasn't able to keep up bilateral breathing the whole time (I mostly breathed on my better side), but I never panicked, even when boats made waves. And it's getting easier every time.

Unfortunately, I still have a sore throat and a bit of a cold. I'm hoping it goes away by tomorrow, but I'm sort of thinking that even though today I was able to run and swim at the level I planned to, that maybe I should have rested another day or so to completely get rid of this bug. It's just so hard to rest!

So, here are today's data:

Pre-workout: Banana and milk in coffee, 90 cals
Workout fuel (throughout workouts): 1 GU, 1 Luna bar: 280 cals
Breakfast: English muffin, ham, cheese, milk in coffee: 265 cals
total so far: 635 cals
Lunch: Wrap, 500 cals
Dinner: 1 slice pizza, soup, ice cream
I feel like I ate more, but I forgot what.

Run 10 miles, 1 hour 45 minutes
Swim 1.7 miles, 1 hour
Calories burned: 1550

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back to the bike

Oh I missed my bike so much! It's been a week since I rode! Danielle and I went the 45-mile route to work and it was delicious. I hit 41.5 mph on one of the hills. :-) I'm getting much more brave (or is that stupid?) on the hills.

My knees hurt a little on the way, not sure why. Maybe not getting good exercise for a few days. I feel good now that I'm at work though.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: 2/3 Odwalla bar, banana: 225 cals
During the ride: Muffin, 300 cals
Breakfast: Milk in coffee, english muffin with ham and cheese, chocolate covered graham cracker: 405 cals
total so far: 930 cals
Late lunch: Yogurt with a little bit of granola, string cheese: 360 cals
total so far: 1290 cals
Snack: Pretzels with cheese, 150 cals
Dinner: Scallops, green beans, slice of bread: 400 cals
Dessert: 1/2 cup sherbet, 120 cals
total: 1960 cals

Bike 3 hours
1500 calories

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Still sick

Man, I hate being sick. I stayed in bed this morning and didn't go run and lift and swim like I had planned because I figured my body really needed the rest. But it sucks - I hate that I'm not going to be at 100% for the week no matter what. Then again, I need to perform well this weekend, so it's better to cut some training out than suck in a race.

But I will meal-track, so here goes:

On the way to work: Half a Clif Mojo bar, coffee in the car, 130 cals
Breakfast at work: English muffin, ham, cheese: 235 cals
Lunch: Miso soup, salad, sushi: 525 cals
Snack: Coffee cake and milk in coffee: 230 cals
total so far: 1120 cals
Another snack: other half of Mojo bar, cheese: 135 cals
Dinner: Beef, potato, carrots, slice of bread: 500 cals
total: 1755 calories

Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm back

And sick. The toll of traveling three out of four weekends plus high exercise has been taken: I have a cold and sore throat. Fortunately, when I exercise I feel better, though I didn't today. I thought I should have a full day of rest before jumping back in to full on workout tomorrow.

I pretty much ate whatever I wanted this weekend, plus I drank alcohol. I did, however, go running twice: once for an hour (I got lost in a place I never knew existed! I wish I had been a runner in college) and once for 45 minutes with the current Vassar cross-country team. It was just a jog for them, but we were running about 8:30 miles, which is fast for me. It felt good, though - I haven't done enough tempo running lately.

I realized why it was so easy to gain weight post-college: in college, I walked soooo much! Everywhere we went, we walked - and every building we went into had stairs, not an elevator, so we had to climb stairs all the time. I was chubby in college, but poor eating (I remember eating cookies and ice cream a lot) should have made me a whole lot bigger than I actually was.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll go back to full-on real meal tracking. Today I just don't have the energy to do it. Okay, fine. Truth be told, today I want to eat whatever I want again and not write it down (but I haven't been too bad so far, and I don't think I will be).

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I reserve the right not to meal track

On the first day of that time of the month. I further reserve the right to eat bagels and chocolate, probably not together, but quite possibly.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I will discuss my bike workout this morning. The route was ridiculous. Zoom out on the link about half way and you'll see what I mean: I went way east when I needed to go due north, then back south only to turn around again. 38 miles of bliss, honestly. Ridiculous, inefficient commuting - but fun!

I guess it's not actually as bad as riding into Seattle and going north around Lake Washington to get to work. Next I'll have to figure out how to ride to Tacoma on my way to work - that will be a feat!

I have a sore throat. I hope that doesn't prevent me from doing my long run tomorrow. I have my 10-year college reunion this weekend, and I'm going back to New York for it. I know I'm way different from what I was then, but I was hoping to be even more so. I feel fat. Maybe it's just the time o' month. Oh well. I did burn 1300 calories today in exercise.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


That was my weight this morning. NOT GOOD.

I should stop focusing on training and start focusing on eating properly. My jeans are tight. This is a bad bad thing.

John says I'm obsessing about the weight and that "it's all muscle," but I really believe that's a convenient excuse for the actual bad weight I've gained.


Today's data:

Pre-workout: 1/2 Luna bar, milk in coffee: 120 cals
Breakfast: Ham and cheese (twice as much as usual), small peach, milk in coffee: 320 cals
Snack: String cheese, 60 cals
Lunch: Chicken and bacon salad from Quiznos (no cheese, very little dressing): 400 cals
Snack: Yogurt, 110 cals
Total so far: 1010 cals

Run 75 minutes
Lift weights 45 minutes
Calories burned: 700

Monday, June 05, 2006

Two long bike rides

Yesterday we went out for a 40-mile ride including the Lakemont Blvd. climb. Love that! The only issue I had was that at about mile 14, my bike started refusing to shift! One of my friends spent 20 minutes trying to fix it, and he got it so I had three gears: my hardest, my easiest, and a middle gear (small ring in the front, small ring in the back). You'd that that might be enough, but not quite: some of the time I was either mashing to keep going, or spinning almost out of control.

At mile 38, my husband gave up and started walking. He was really discouraged. And as much as I feel bad about that, I also feel two other things:

1) If you don't train, how can you expect to ride hard?
2) What goes around, comes around.

What I mean by #2 is this: yesterday morning at breakfast, we were talking with another friend about my really great bike results from Issaquah. John said to me, "I want to ride with you today, and I want to do the same course you did yesterday, and see if I can beat you."

I was like, oh my goodness. Is your masculinity that challenged that you have to feel better about yourself by putting me down? I have TRAINED. I earned that great result - and it doesn't come at a cost to John! He could be fast (even faster than me, probably) if he WORKED like I did. So I said no thank you, my legs are a little tired from yesterday (Saturday) but we could ride somewhere else instead.

Then he kept rejecting all the rides I came up with (too hilly, apparently) until I came up with one that only had one huge hill. Whatever. The hill was two miles long, and I beat him up the hill by more than seven minutes.

So today I rode to work the long way (45 miles) and John drove the van with his bike in it. At lunch time, I rode to his work to get the van, and he is supposed to ride home. Hopefully he'll enjoy it.

So, since Saturday I did a sprint triathlon plus about 90 miles. Yay!

Here are today's data:

Pre-workout: 1/2 bagel with peanut butter, 160 cals
Workout fuel: 1 Luna bar, 1/2 bag sport beans, 230 cals
Breakfast: Yogurt and granola, milk in coffee, 430 cals
Snack: 1/2 Clif bar, 125 cals
Lunch: Chicken and broccoli over noodles, 400 cals
total so far: 1345 cals

Bike 50 miles
Calories burned: 1500

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Oh Issaquah

Today I participated in my first triathlon of the season, fourth in my life. I don't know all the numbers yet, but I do know this: I was 18th out of 50 in my age group and I finished in 1:31. The distances were slightly off from a standard sprint tri: they were:

1/4 mile swim
14.5 mile bike
3.5 mile run

Okay, so after yesterday's session, I felt super-prepared for this - maybe even overconfident. I walked down to the water, lined up, and was in the front of the pack.


Before the gun went off, I felt awesome - I even thought to myself that I could maybe keep these women behind me at bay for the entire swim, and just be out front. NOT AT ALL. Panic set in after just a few strokes, I couldn't put my face in the water, I swallowed water and couldn't catch my breath - all the usual stuff. A woman ahead of me turned and saw me, asked if I was alright. I sort of choked out a yes, but she didn't believe me, so she yelled to the person watching the swimmers in a kayak "Hey, keep an eye out for her!" Not much of a confidence boost there - but actually, at the time I was more concerned about her race and how she should go and not waste time on me (I never once thought I was going to drown). I did, however, alternate between side stroke and a crawl with my head out of the water. I kept my S-pulls (which I used to lose in stressful situations), but still: I was slow. The numbers aren't out yet to share my shame.

So, lessons learned from the swim:

1) Do not start at the front. I'm not that good yet.
2) Hang back a few seconds, wait until the splashing dies, then go.
3) No more pool swimming. From now on, it's open water all the way. SUCK IT UP. I need the practice.

I was proud that I held my line - about half of the swimmers in my wave got off course and had to re-set, but I was far enough back to see it and I didn't follow suit.

The bike pretty much made up for the swim. As soon as I was out of the transition area (transition was fairly easy and fast; I got my wetsuit off okay, socks and shoes on, a shirt over my tri suit because it was still fairly cool and my helmet on, no sunglasses because my contacts were turned around so it was hard enough to see, gloves were in my Bento box in case I ended up wanting them, which I didn't), I felt amazing (despite a HR somewhere in the 170s). I yelled to the guy ahead of me, "I'm so glad to be out of the water!!!" I actually felt, I'm so glad to be on my bike. I felt at home and comfortable.

As soon as I was out of the no passing zone, I got in my big ring and just hit it. I was above 20 mph for most of the ride, except for the most significant hill (both out and back) - and even then I was going 12-13 and passing people. I ended up near a group of four riders who rode approximately my pace, and we just kept passing each other most of the route. Towards the end, one of the women said to me, "Wow, you're really strong!" in a voice that told me she was impressed - and that gave me a great boost, even though I already knew I was strong. One cool thing: a few miles in, there's one of those "Your Speed" things that tells you how fast you're going. Usually when I pass it I'm going about 18 to 20 - it's slightly downhill, but right after an uphill so you haven't achieved a high speed yet. Today: 23! (And I know it was me, because I was alone when I got there.)

I did have one bad thing happen on the bike: I went to take a drink from my water bottle, dropped it, and ran over it. I had to pull over to make sure my bike was okay (it was - the funny noise I heard was my race number blowing up against my jersey), but I was too far ahead to go back to pick up the bottle. I felt bad about losing it, both because it's now an obstacle on the course for riders behind me, and because I only had one bottle and therefore lost all water 3 miles into the race. NOT GOOD when the sun was already coming out. Also not too good was hitting two cones as I was trying to pass people in a tight area - it may have been a no passing zone, I'm not sure. I ended up with my bike computer saying I averaged 19.5 (that includes the running parts in and out of transition) and saying it took me 44 minutes.

So, lessons learned on the bike:

1) Either use my aero bottle or have two water bottled half-filled in case I lose one
2) Carefully study the course map beforehand to know for sure where no passing zones are
3) Um, I can go harder than I thought. My HR was so high, but my RPE was fairly comfortable (labored breathing up hills and while passing, otherwise RPE of 6-7). I should work harder on the bike in general in training.

The run was so-so. I was so thirsty, and it was HOT by then, and I didn't need my long-sleeve cycling jersey but I wasn't body-confident enough in my tri suit to take it off. So I was warm. A ton of people passed me on the run, but I didn't let that get to me: I didn't feel any weird leg stuff, but I didn't feel super-fast either. At the one-mile mark, my watch said I'd been going for 9 minutes. I didn't see any other course markers until the one that said 1/4 mile left, and I picked it up then. But I think my run only took 30 minutes, which means it couldn't have been 3.5 miles. Not that I wasn't ready to see the end!

There was no water on the run. Actually, about half way in there was a water station set up - do it yourself style, though, and I wasn't willing to stop. So the rest of the way my thirst was really my fault.

Lessons learned from the run:
1) It gets warmer and your body gets warmer as the day wears on. Clothing that might work for bike racing might not for running.
2) Have an extra water bottle at the transition area, for drinking, washing, etc.

So overall, a good day. Plus, my six-year-old son did his first triathlon today! The kids tri (for his age group) was a 75-yard swim, 2 mile bike, and 1/2 mile run. He was soooooo cute!

I might do food data later; calories were somewhere around 1000, but more for the day, because I ran around to watch Gabriel race and later in the day I ran around my neighborhood looking for a lost kid.

I got my times. Here goes. Oh, and I was 18th out of 72, not 50. I guess the sheet I was looking at had early results.

T1: 2:19. <-- Danielle did 1:25; I could have been and will work on becoming faster.
Bike: 43:40. <-- This is, if my math is correct, a 20 mph average. YES. I will do this again - especially since I did stop once to check my tire, so I might have been even a little faster. This time exceeded my expectations. They say you're not going to race faster than you train. I'm not sure that's true.
T2: 1:06. <-- Could have been faster here, too. I really wanted to check my odometer. Next time I will remember this is a race, and every second counts.
Run: 31:11. <-- Not sure what to say here. I know thirst contributed to this time, which if the race really were 3.5 miles this would be a great time for me, but it wasn't. So, basically, I need to fix the hydration and nutrition issues and be better on the run.

What I'm most proud of, though, is Gabriel's time. He did his tri in 27:06. I had estimated it would take him 40 minutes - after all, he's just six years old! But he was awesome. They don't rank kids, which is good, because apparently a lot of the girls and some of the boys didn't do the required number of laps on the bike. I'm just so proud of him, though - what a hard-core kid!

Friday, June 02, 2006

I might love swimming!

I know I've been a big whiner about swimming, and I have really not wanted to get in the pool. Now I know why: open water swimming is so much better! I got over my fear and got in the water this morning - and it was perfect! It was cold, but with a full wetsuit, I was completely fine. I wore my new tri suit under the wetsuit, which worked out great too. We practiced transitions in anticipation of tomorrow's triathlon - we swam about 30 minutes (to get the open-water experience), biked 7 miles, then ran for 15 minutes. I felt just joyous when I was done - I didn't want it to end!

So now I'm feeling great about tomorrow's race. Yay!

Today's data:
Pre-workout: banana and milk in coffee, 110 cals
Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 sausage links, potatoes, milk in coffee: 425 cals
Lunch: 2 cookies, salad, chili, 680 (darn cookies)
total so far: 1215 cals

Swim, bike, run, transition practice: 600 calories burned

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lotsa exercise

Biked to work, then ran, then swam. My hamstrings hurt. But Danielle told me she's nervous too about the Issaquah tri, so that made me feel a little better (I'm not alone!).

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Banana, 80 cals
Workout: 1/2 Power Bar, 110 cals
Breakfast: Two eggs, an english muffin, cranberry juice and milk in coffee: 400 cals
Lunch: Chicken breast, white beans, broccoli: 400 cals
Snack: Mojo bar, 200 cals
total so far: 1190 cals
Dinner: two cookies, fried chicken strips, fries (blah)

Bike 25 miles (1 hour 45 min)
Run 45 min
Swim 30 min
Calories burned: 1500